December 15, 2011

Always a Work in Progress.....

Today's WOW sees me showing off my space.  I don't call it my Sewing Room - because I don't sew in here.  It is my "Shed".  It started life as a place my DH could study in when he was at Uni.  Like all backyard bungalows - it turned into the dumping ground for all the Stuff you can't fit in the house and won't throw away.

A couple of years ago I decided to 'commandeer it' - do it up and use it for a sewing studio. It worked well - until the foundations started to sink!

The inevitable happened and the space was no longer something to be proud of and things were getting harder to locate.

I knew exactly where they were ---I just couldn't get at them!

And of course - all that neat and tidy space meant that other stuff just had somewhere else to live!
Then when DS#1 decided to do a Music Degree he thought it was a good place to practice his Tenor Saxophone.
All that fabric makes good acoustic insulation. Oh well, at least it got him out of the house - I just hope the neighbours like Jazz.

THAT was until last Saturday when we came across some bookcases on clearance at Officeworks.  How many would we need? Did I really want to be doing this 2 weeks before Christmas - with my ankle not healed???

Why not? -- They ARE very cheap.

It has taken all week but...

Who would have thought that 3 little bookcases would achieve so much?


 ....and the top of the bench --
  ............and the cupboards!

and now I may actually be able to use my over-locker.

It's looking good once again - -  
    except...... Oh well........
doesn't every one have to share their space -
                         - with Garden furniture and a Musician?


  1. Hi! Wow! Love your organized sewing studio! Thanks for your kind comment on my blog today and thanks for all you do for others. Blessings, Pat

  2. Congratulations! Your studio looks great.
    Have a wonderful day.
    Always, Queenie

  3. What a great space. I can definitely identify with your 'can't see floor' moments, those bookshelves are great.

    I also find myself in the middle of rearrangements when its the least convenient time to do so. It just sort of happens that way!

    It's especially good if you can close the door on your sewing area because having in the house means that it 'spreads' out all around the house and tidying it up is time consuming (and annoying for everyone else).

  4. I need to do this and it is my sewing room. Thanks for the inspiration.

  5. What a nice getaway. Itis too cute. Sorry I thought I commented here the other day.
    Hugs Bunny

  6. There must be something in the air, I have spent the last week doing the same, I can mop my floor now I could not see it two 2 days ago!!!!! I see some wonderful things on your shelves it all looks so exciting. Congratulations on finishing yours mine needs another day at least!!!!. Cheers Glenda