January 19, 2012

Have the cupboards Shrunk? .....

This week has not seen me anywhere near my sewing.

There are still things to be put back in cupboards that seem to have shrunk in size since before Christmas.  I am amazed that I could get these bowls in the cupboard before the Festivities but are unable to get them back after.... Maybe they have put on some extra around the waistline as well??

More likely, prior to Christmas these "Special Occasion" Platters and Bowls were in fact balanced precariously on top of each other, in an assortment which would not be out of place in a story by Dr Seuss! All held together by will power and the darkness at the back of the pantry.

Then there are the Mugs.

  DH is impossible to buy gifts for.   Other than doing The Age* Cryptic Crossword he has no hobbies, and I do not count being OCD about the pegs and how the wash is hung out as a hobby!

So the kids end up buying him Coffee Mugs.  I can see there is a bit of a theme going on here.  But then where do they go after they have been unwrapped?  Another perilous pile of China and Ceramic to balance in the ever shrinking cupboards......

*  Melbourne Newspaper -

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  1. Lol there is never enough cupboard space in our kitchens.
    Hope your foot is better.