January 29, 2012

Nope - no quilting here today....

Thursday was Australia Day -
There were BBQs and Citizenship ceremonies, Awards and Flags and the Cricket - I could go on and on, but for us it was the opportunity to turn it into a long weekend and do some seriously needed..... R & R.

That is repair and renovation.....So Australia Day saw me at the hardware store enjoying Fairy-floss and bad coffee and getting a Sausage with the lot from the Rotary fund raisers outside, dropping the change into the SES tins as we went past whilst trying to juggle the required supplies for the great Wardrobe renovation!

The idea is to access the space that  is above the built in robe in DD's room.  This is a lot of space that can be used for storing those things you don't want to part with - just because you have grown up.

So we are opening up the wall, putting in a shelf rearranging the hanging rods and moving the Stuffed Toys into their new home.
It is not a quick process.  DH loves to do the demolition and I get to fix it.
My part is done - the plaster repair is lookin' good.
Now we wait ....watching plaster dry may be mildly more entertaining than watching paint dry but takes about the same length of time...

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