December 14, 2012


Block 1 - NOW finished!... for me Butterflies have come to signify New Beginnings, and so - as I  progressed along the journey that I have been travelling over the past 2 years -It seemed appropriate that I add some to my version of Heart's Desire.

I started last November by placing a ring of Fussy Cut Butterflies around my Centre Block.
And drawing from a lesson I learnt in Cake Decorating that also applies to Quilting...

If you  make a mistake...
.... Embellish it!
(Ok that's Craft-speak
for "Cover it up")

in this case I had a stem that had lost it's leaf.. and rather than remove it and unbalance the block - I balanced a Butterfly on it instead.

That reminded me that I was going to allow a few more of these beauties to alight where they pleased.

And just to let you in on my little secret....
I have been using this beautiful print called Kiyomi Butterflies from Red Rooster Fabrics.

I haven't finished with them yet,
and I'm not telling where I plan to place them next..

After all - this is a mystery quilt!


  1. So pretty!! love the cover up!!! great idea

  2. Morning Wendy I'm a butterfly lady too, I always put at least one butterfly some where in my quilts and always have. Your quilt is looking so beautiful. Cheers Glenda

  3. I love butterflies too, so I'm happy to see so many of them in your beautiful quilt!

    For me, butterflies signify transition or transformation. This interpretation appeals to me the most because I see it as a personal journey of growth and discovery. To start out as something weird or unappealing but with endless possibilities to become something brightly coloured and beautiful. I like to think that my 'transformation' has only happened in recent years, and I'm a much happier and better person for it!

  4. Love your blocks and the way you used those butterflies, going to be a gorgeous quilt.