March 20, 2013

And the Fortune Cookie said . . .

I was about to stitch the last stem on the last disk on the last border - at last!
When my DS#2 walked into the kitchen, picked up a box that had been left behind by a Guest a week or so  ago, and handed me a foil wrapped Fortune Cookie.

Toying with the idea of whether to open it then, or wait until I had finished lasted all of about 30 seconds, and when I cracked open the crisp shell to reveal my 'fortune' this is what it said..

"You should be able to undertake and complete anything"

The timing could not have been better!

Must admit I did have a good chuckle over that!
Then it was back to the instructions to study up on what to do next!


  1. You should pin that where you can see it often. I must admit I've missed some great posts on your blog because I kept seeing the same photo in the linky. Duh! of course it was a new post each time - what was I thinking? Off to enjoy your previous post and see eye candy.

  2. Oh Wendy I can't wait to see your HD Quilt..
    Hugs Bunny

  3. Haha! I need some of those cookies for sure!!