April 17, 2013

One week - Two Challenges

As I sit to write, I can't quite work out how I achieved what I have this week.
(Mind you, the Vacuum cleaner has forgotten who I am!)

As my Dad's 90th birthday approaches I have been thinking about his Cake and what to make to decorate it.

I have settled on a spray of Australian Native Flowers, so pulling out my copy of Making Australian Wildflowers for Cake Decorating and had a go at the feature bloom - the State Flower for New South Wales - The Waratah.
I am pretty pleased with how it turned out considering the amount of small dots of icing that were involved!

Leaving that to dry, I then set to working on my April Challenge piece for the Janome Group.

We were asked to make a Foundation Pieced Crazy patch
(well, you actually need 4 to do anything)..

So I made FOUR

well I couldn't make overly much with those either....

So I made Four More!

Now I had something to work with.  The Deco stitching started me thinking and I pulled out my pattern.

Tweaked it a bit......

... and made A BAG!
I was particularly pleased with the front pocket, which I made by binding one of the blocks before sewing them all together.

Now all I need to do is work out who is going to claim it.....


  1. I think I have a new favorite flower. Too pretty to eat! Too bad they don't grow in Idaho.....

  2. Love your cake flower, it amazes me as I could never do that. Also that block if just fantastic, and what you did with the blocks is gorgeous.
    Great work.

  3. Already it's been made into a bag - Love how it turned out!

    I still can't believe how real the flower looks. Impressive to say the least!