April 13, 2013

Scatterdays - A

Today's letter is A - and I have listed the Categories in Red

AVIARY is a HOUSE - for Birds. Or in this case Bats, seeing Birds is our next Category.
To be precise these are Australian Flying Foxes and they are happily enjoying life in a huge Aviary at Melbourne's Healesville Sanctuary.

ALBATROSS - is a BIRD (don't think of keeping one in an Aviary) We found this one injured on the way to Apollo Bay another lifetime ago....

My DB tried to rescue it but decided that it was better for Nature to look after it once he discovered it was crawling with lice! (Urgh!)

ARRRGGHHH ! Why are my Kitchen drawers full of JUNK?

And why does it always find a way to jam itself under the bottom drawer?

and finally from my sewing space...

Aboriginal ART from ALICE SPRINGS adorns the wall beside my sewing machine.
(It's actually in the Family room - but then...so is my Sewing!)

The piece is an Original by Claire E. Hayes and is titled "Women's Ceremonial Grounds".
It was a gift from a SIL who lives in Alice Springs and works with the Aboriginal community there.

So there you have it for today...
Scatterday will be back on April 27 with the letter L.
In the meantime feel free to visit anytime!


  1. It's fun to see how other people meet the challenge.
    Well done actually having pictures of aviaries and albatrosses! Thought of them, but no photos.
    I'm sure junk breeds once you put it in drawers.

  2. Everyone has a drawer full of junk .... why didn't I think of that. Love your choices.

  3. I agree with Sue, we all have a junk drawer. I often clean mine up, but things seem to reappear again. I am not an Aboriginal art person, but I love your piece.

  4. Brilliant - aviary for a house! Good work!

  5. ditto to all the other Scatterdayers lol ... wel done

  6. Love the art work. What makes it sparkle?