July 9, 2013

Just a wee bit late with 'N'

Scatterdays post, brought to you by the letter "N" this week should have been done last Saturday, but seeing I was about 30,000 feet in the air at the time - it was a tad difficult.
So not to miss out on one of my Letters I am going to post it anyway.

Cattegories were:-

MEDICAL - Novorapid is a brand of Insulin.
Travelling with someone who is Type 1 Diabetic has it's challenges, especially when you are trying to deal with crossing multiple time zones and a cuisine that is unfamiliar.

CELEBRATION - Anxiously awaiting NEWS of the NEXT addition to the family - A NEW Great-NEPHEW.
I hope this little newborn size jumpsuit fits him when I get home!

OCEAN - This is actually NOT an Ocean -
This is Lake Michigan as seen from the air - I do not know how many Nautical Miles it is - but I can say it is eNormous.  OK - I am not normally lost for words but this time - NOPE... Nothing can describe how vast it is - It just keeps going on to the horizon!

I did take a photo of the North Pacific Ocean - but I couldn't quite work out where the Blue water met the Blue Sky. And all up it was not an interesting shot!

NOTION - I thought it would be difficult to fill this cattegory, but I found that I had packed this NIFTY NEEDLE kit in my bag - just incase there was a NASTY wardrobe malfunction in the middle of NOWHERE.

So there - I have finally been able to finish my N post - from where the tourist brochures call 'TRUE NORTH' -
Traverse City, Michigan.

And next time I will be back home in Melbourne and looking for things that start with "Z".  See you then!


  1. Hi Wendy, your trip is looking great. You are a well prepared travelller and I hope all the food, needles n time zones go well for you. I would love to see Lake M and go to Chicago. Travel well!

  2. Well done, Wendy! I'm impressed that you managed to get this post done when so far from home.

    Great selection of Ns! I hope the rest of your trip is wonderful, and you hear the good great-nephew news soon.