August 28, 2013

For Mum & Dad - - -

This week I have been working on the Flowers for my Parents 
Diamond Wedding Anniversary Cake.

And I have had a few frustrating hurdles to overcome...

#1 Faulty products:- The realisation that my tub of pre-mixed flower-paste didn't actually have flower-paste in it! Flower paste has an ingredient to make the work set very hard - very quickly.  So, when my flowers were still malleable 2 weeks after being made... you know there is something really wrong!

#2 Lost Instructions:- One of my online groups has a thread running at the moment about not being able to find things in our sewing rooms.... At least there you can get someone to help you look for it - BUT somewhere in my head there is the instructions for making Roses.... I just needed to ... remember... where I put them!

# 3 Petal Dust:-
This makes your flowers come to life - but it gets everywhere!
... and unfortunately I missed some when cleaning up and promptly got green in my white Icing...
amongst other places.....

Putting all the mess aside -
It is satisfying to watch some plain pale green icing slowly change into something that actually looks like a Rose Leaf.

#4 Breakages:-
Oh well - at least it was a sample, and not a very good one at that ...
... but nevertheless it is a good example of why you should place your finished work somewhere safe.

So - Having sorted all of the above I then was able to sit down to the fun part of wiring the spray.

All I need to do now is take what I had made...

Add a bit of "Bling"
Yes there are 60 of these 'diamonds' scattered throughout the bouquet -
(because my Dad will count them!)

Decide on a design

... (I really needed more Roses)

Until finally I got the finished spray.

It isn't quite the semi-heart that I was after - but I don't think Mum & Dad will mind....

Now all I need is a cake to put under it!


  1. You are so amazing making these gorgeous flowers and the end result is breathtaking. Wonderful.
    Hugs Bunny

  2. I love seeing your cake decorating - particularly the process of how you put it together! It's very impressive :D

  3. HI Wendy you are truly a great artist, your iced flowers are incredible, my mother inlaw used to do that with real flowers but to do the same with having to make them with icing is incredible. Thanks so much for sharing. Cheers Glenda