August 22, 2013

Getting Sidetracked - -

I am SUPPOSED to be working on my cake decorating but it is VERY difficult to stay focused.
And sometimes - just sometimes, you have to STOP what you are doing to go and smell the flowers!

Just like these Freesias I am, as the saying goes,
"Between a Rock and a Hard Place".

Knowing what I SHOULD be doing
and what I WANT to do is .......
no fun at all.

So what is it that has distracted me so much?

The sight of Prunus Trees in flower.
This makes me smile as it it the first sign we have that Spring is nearly here.  The blossom only lasts a short time before the warm September winds pick them off the trees and blow them like confetti down the street.

Prunus Trees are said to provide some of the most spectacular Spring blossom and includes - Almond, Plum and of course CHERRY.

I also noticed the climber that brightens the side fence has put on a flush of new growth. (DH pruned it drastically while I was away). And right up the very top -out of reach of the 3 men in my life who like to pick these blooms for their Lady Loves...
... is it's very first, very fragrant ROSE bud.

And finally -
the reason why I started thinking about this post -

Across the street in my neighbours garden...

... a LILY.

So, whatever it is that you are doing today.
Take a break, Go outside
Take a big deep breath of beautiful fresh air
and take some time to 'smell the flowers', for tomorrow they could be gone.

(This post is dedicated to Karolin - 05/03/1965 - 10/08/2013)

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