August 3, 2013

Scatterday - U

I found it difficult to find things for todays letter. But in the end I did manage to find something....

 U is for Magazine I am not sure if this really counts but when I was tidying up yesterday I discovered a USA travel magazine.  My other option was a copy of Down UNDER Quilts....

U is for Yellow
DS#2 has a photographic collection of signs - this one has to be the most USELESS warning sign we have seen.

U is for Dangerous - 
Entering an UNDERGROUND Cave without a proper Guide can be UNWISE and extremely DANGEROUS.

U is for UFO - 
My cot quilt panel entitled "A Zebra of a Different Colour" has proved to be a long term inhabitant of my UFO basket.
Initially started for *GN#1 (whose Dad is in the ADF) I wondered if 'rainbow coloured' Zebras were appropriate...
It is now a rather large sampler of what NOT do do when trying to learn to Quilt ...
I think that ULTIMATELY it will end up on the floor UNDERNEATH a future grandbaby of my own.

*Great Nephew (now 6 yrs old!)


  1. Your zebra quilt looks really cute! It is interesting seeing which projects we have all left unfinished.

  2. I love your signs, the dumbest one I saw was "tattoos while you wait". I am not fond of caves so I wouldn't go in one with or without a guide. Look forward to your H's.

  3. Yes, keep the quilt! It's lovely. Your DH knew that sign would come in handy some day didn't he!

  4. I love the UFO quilt! I can't wait to see it being used someday in the future. :)

  5. The dumbest sign I've ever seen said "Antique Tables - Made Daily"! Love your yellow sign. I used to have a subscription to Down Under Quilts, and I miss getting it, but I'm trying to minimize the amount of magazines coming in. It was getting difficult to keep up!