September 28, 2013

Scatterdays - O

Ooooooooh can stand for so many things.
O is the circle that never ends.
O can express so many different emotions depending on how you say it...
But today O stands for....


Secret Bridesmaids business....
Making the Wedding invitations
has resulted in many offcuts being discarded.


People ask "What do you do?"
"Where do you work?"
This one is always a hard one for me to answer.
Stay at home Mum?
Domestic Goddess?
Desperate Housewife?

I have been known to call myself a PA - that's Personal Assistant to 4, (five if you count the cat).
So in my workplace I have an OVEN which I have photographed for you containing an OVAL cake tin full of ORANGES!

ARTS:- How timely it was to get the new OPERA AUSTRALIA 2014 Season program in the mail this last week.
Eugene Onegin is the journey from what could be to what might have been. In between lies the tragedy.
Playing Melbourne April/May 2014.

OLD:- I don't have anything starting with O that is terribly Old - so I have settled for sharing a photograph of the OLDEST thing I possess.

It is very worn so not at all valuable to any collectors out there.
But it was my Grandfather's so it is priceless to me.
It is indeed a George 3rd Penny dated circa 1797.

Just 6 more letters to go.
Will I be able to stick with it and get a complete set of Scatterdays posts?

You will just have to keep checking back to see!
12th October will be brought to you by the letter F.


  1. Those offcuts are intriguing. How many invites do you have to make?

    Oven was a great idea! Another one I didn't even think of.

    I hope you can hang in until the end.

  2. A great bunch of Os, Wendy! I love the penny, which must have been in thousands of hands. So in 3 more blogs we'll see some wedding photos even if you have to fudge the letters?

  3. Clever post, Your coin, one day the Antiques Roadshow may come to Australia and you can see what it is worth. Looking forward to your next letter.

  4. G'day everyone and Thank you for your comments.
    (sorry I can't reply to 'no reply blogger' addresses).
    They are making 60 invitations and matching envelopes with inserts for parking and RSVP cards as well as all the table numbers and place cards - so LOTS of offcuts!
    The wedding is Nov 22, so the post for the 23rd WILL be interesting ....

  5. You forgot the bonboniere name tags, Wendy. We've not even started on the offcuts for those! ;)

  6. Nice selection of Os, Wendy! I love how serendipity plays such a big role in these posts - the Opera catalogue, for example.