October 24, 2013

Bye Bye Barina

He had only got his licence a few days earlier and was off to Church for a Youth meeting when the phone rang...

"Mum? - I think I broke Dad's car"

Well, at least he had the sense to pull into a side street. By the time we got there the steam had dissipated but the trail of radiator coolant was still glowing green for much of the length of the street.

We patched the burst hose with Gaffer tape and nursed them both back home.

The young lads across the road stood in silent reverence as the car pulled into the kerb giving a credible impersonation of Puffing Billy.  Then one quietly said "Bye Bye Barina" before returning to the engine they were working on.

That was last November... and we have been patching and filling and gaffer-taping the car ever since.
At 19, it was way past its USE BY date and I had been unhappy about my Sons driving it let alone placing someone else's Daughters in that car as well!
So I was not sad to see it go.

And from the look on his face ...

... I don't think DH is sad to see it go either!

HELLO MIRAGE!... Now What are we going to call you?

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