January 20, 2014

Scatterdays Postscript

For those that have followed my blog over the past 12 months you will have come on a journey with me that spanned the alphabet and 117 photographs.
It saw me blogging from Melbourne to Michigan and back again.

Of all the folk that started - Just 4 finished all 26 letters.  Coincidentally 2 of us live in Victoria Australia and the other in Victoria BC - (Canada)
Today I had the opportunity to meet and catch up with Vireya (Aus) and Cathy (CA). Our 4th member Pauline, unfortunately for us, lives in Sydney.

It was a wonderful afternoon of song, laughter (and yes, some tears) with Cathy Miller (AKA  The Singing Quilter) and her DH John at the AIDS Memorial Quilt Making Weekend at Altona.

Cathy showed off some of her wonderful quilts and
regaled us with her stories.
It was good to get together before the show and discover that each one of us have had an intense year and Scatterdays was a welcome distraction.

We will miss the fortnightly posts.
But - you never know - maybe one of us will come up with something else to chase with our cameras for 2014 !


  1. What a fun day it was! Who would have guessed that the three of us would meet up after all that Scatterdaying?

    Pauline actually lives in Sydney, I think.

  2. Thanks for the comment Vireya,
    My brain is still "mush" from Friday and I was thinking of our other Scatterdayer, Jacaranda - who is also local to Melbourne. I have since corrected my post.