November 7, 2014

Flowers on Friday - Strelitzia Reginae

The Bird of Paradise -
I have always loved these flowers.

These flowers waited at the gate of my Grandmothers house and I knew I could tell them anything.
As a small child they were my friends and confidants.

(Grandmother on the other hand, 
was of the "Children were to be seen and not heard" variety.) 

So when I had my own garden - a "Bird Flower" had to be a part of it.

Their grace and structure is fascinating (just try and make one in Sugar - It's on my 'to do' list).

And when the blooms fade and dry - they bear an uncanny resemblance to a Fraggle!
I still enjoy seeing their Regal aloof-ness as they gracefully peer at me (or the neighbours) from the bottom of my garden.
I have been watching this bloom grow over the past few weeks and it is now as high as the fence - I would estimate the stem is at least 5 foot tall!

I wonder what is so fascinating over the fence that it has chosen to 'keep watch'.
Perhaps it has heard the sound of children playing and is patiently waiting for a conversation that will lead to a lifelong fascination.

It is said that Bird of Paradise Flowers 
are associated with 
Liberty, Magnificence and Good Perspective.

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