December 11, 2014

Finished - Almost . . .

I have come to the realisation that, in quilting, there are varying degrees of "Finished".  
Today I have come to one of those points.

My Bali Wedding Star top is finished!

The blocks are together and it is lookin' pretty good!

The 'road map' tags have finally been removed.
They have done a fantastic job of keeping the colour graduation in order and have saved me lots of headaches!

The quilt can now happily go off to be quilted  
. . . BUT . . . 
(and this is where the varying degrees of finished comes in)

A little while ago I decided it needed to be bigger!
The pattern box contained all the papers for the Flying geese border - so why not make them?

It's 'just a border'...
and THEN it will be finished...

They were flying together quite happily until I started thinking about something else...
How on earth did I manage this?
Two papers picked up together and in perfect alignment sewed them together!
What a Goose!

If I can give any advice to anyone starting out
 making one of these quilts it would be
1 - Read ALL the instructions
2 - Points DO matter
3 - Don't Rush it - Where is my unpicker?

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