March 13, 2015

Oma's Blues - The Vase

The focal point of Oma's Blues is the centre panel which depicts a large Delft Style platter with a vase of flowers. It will in time be surrounded by other plates and tiles as the quilt grows.

I read an email posted to Esther's Yahoo group recently which asked the question
"How did you make the Vase?"

In places the contrast stripes on the Vase are quite small and fiddly, so I decided to make them slightly differently. It is something that works for me and I hope that this tutorial may help someone.

* * * * * * * * * * *

I used the Freezer paper method.

Prepare and cut out the templates.
Marking which part of the piece sits under the next.

I have only made the Vase background.

Iron the Freezer paper to the FRONT of the fabric.
Cut out and Peel the fabric from the paper.
Place the paper sticky side UP on the BACK of the fabric.
Gently press the seam allowance OVER and ONTO the sticky side of the freezer paper.

For the Contrast down the vase -

Cut 3/4 inch BIAS strips
Fold and press lightly in HALF 
(do not stretch) .

Spritz the Bias tape lightly with spray starch. 
Working on a copy of the Vase and using a hot iron gently mould the bias along the pattern lines.

You will need to trim or lightly clip on a couple of tight curves.

At this point I pinned my contrast along the pattern at the SEAM line.

Placing my previously made Vase piece against the pins,  securing with some small dabs of glue baste.

I can now applique these two pieces together.

Continue this way with the rest of the pieces.

Place all the pieces together using the pattern as a template.

Applique using your chosen method of stitching.

Continue with the base of the Vase.

This vase was constructed specifically for this tutorial, using Batik fabric and is not the one I will be using in my quilt.

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  1. Wonderful wonderful tutorial Wendy, this looks a lot easier than how I would of done it. Thanks for the lesson. How did I miss this one back then????? I must have been out of circulation longer than I thought LOL. Hugs glenda