August 25, 2016

Cupcakes for RSPCA day

After last week's Retirement cake, I thought I really should find a solution to my fear of writing on cakes.

I have been using my Brother Scan-n-cut to make Applique for my 'Istanbul' Quilt and recalled that I had also considered using it to make Stencils for Cake decorating.
So when I heard that DH's office was having "Cupcake Day" I thought it a good time to have a practice at Stencilling!

I found some acetate sheets that were originally for an old overhead projector (which still works by the way!) and downloaded a clipart stencil of something I thought would be appropriate.  It took a bit of tweaking but finally I cut out a perfect stencil.

Using leftover Icing to make small cupcake size plaques - I was good to go, and in no time at all I had a dozen 'Purrfect' cake toppers.

Just one small problem -
I discovered much later that DH's office was not raising funds for the RSPCA....

I wonder if there are any Black and Ginger cats in Indigenous literature?

Never  mind whatever the fundraising was for - they got Cupcakes to auction off and I got to practice making stencils!
I call that a WIN-WIN!!

August 12, 2016

Retirement Cake

This week has been one of "those weeks" ...

And in the middle of it I had a cake to make!

Making a Cake for a man is hard enough but when the only information you have is that "He is Scottish and doesn't like the cold"... It makes the task just that much harder!

I'm not 100% happy with how it turned out and would have liked another day to 'get it right'. (Lettering isn't my strong point and I had to 'cheat'.)

But I did enjoy designing and making the life-size Pocket Watch and small Travel diary.

No time to fiddle and fuss it is required for Morning Tea tomorrow at DH's Office.

(No it is NOT his cake - although I think HE wishes it was!!)

July 29, 2016

Christmas in July ?

Well not really, but with our holiday in the Summer-like heat of Cairns and then on our return I received an email from the incredible Desley telling me my latest project is finished -
It sure felt like Christmas had come early!

Now, this wall hanging isn't quite ready to bind and hang - it is destined for a meeting with my Hot Fix Swarovski Crystals!

Because we all need a bit of "Bling" at Christmas!!

July 25, 2016

A funny thing happened when we got to the Airport...

We were not booked in on our flight!

It would seem that somehow when we made our online bookings a mistake was made and instead of booking our return flight for the 24th July - We were booked to fly home on the 24th of August!

The wonderful staff at QANTAS managed to squeeze DS#2 on board - so he could be at work on time this morning... leaving us to depart the next day.
The staff at Thrifty car rentals retrieved our hire car out of the car wash for us, and Tourist Information Bureau rang around to find accommodation for the night.

Leaving DH and I the terrible ordeal of staying another night in Cairns and waking to this sight from our room in the morning!

July 24, 2016

Day Nine - Our last day

With a last half day to enjoy before heading back to Chilly Melbourne we chose to spend it in Kuranda Village checking out the Markets and the Koala Gardens.
Although I have beautiful photographs of the Koalas - 

The Photo of the day just has to be 
this small Red Pademelon and her Joey.

July 23, 2016

Day Eight - More Friends

... and a BIG day trip.
More Internet friends to catch up with - 
this time visiting Aust. from Alabama USA. 
Today we whisked them off to see as much as possible in one day 
before we head back to Chilly Melbourne.

The highlight of the day had to be a visit to GRANITE GORGE where there are many wild Mareeba Rock Wallabies.  
They are used to people and come in to be hand fed.

... They grab your hand and you give them food!

July 22, 2016

Day Seven - Waterfalls and Blue Sky

It has FINALLY stopped raining!
A perfect day to go and see some of that water where it should be...

Going down a Waterfall
and although you  may not be able to see in this photo,
against that beautiful blue sky is the Tourist Train we were on last Wednesday!