January 12, 2018

Time to call it a WOMBAT

Yes Friends - this is certainly a momentous occasion.
My first ever WOMBAT.

I have UFOs, but they are all,
in one way or another - Redeemable.

After the Week that I have had, (see last post). 
I have decided Life is far too Precious
 to persevere with a Quilt that I am not enjoying making. 

Not everyone who embarks on a Mystery Quilt is thrilled with the reveal and for those who have stuck with this one and finished it-  I salute you,
    but I will not be joining you.

There are still way too many components to make.
And that is before I can even begin to put the required 50 Blocks together!

I am not going to be discarding the work that I have done so far - MAYBE one day,
I will sit down with EQ7 and design something that I actually DO like with the blocks I have already made.

But for now - it is time to call it Quits - Bag it up - Change "Hats" and Move on.

I have a Wedding Cake to Make!

January 10, 2018

WHY oh WHY ?

We throw a stone into a Lake and we can no longer see it

It is gone yet the consequences of our action can be felt far and wide.

Yes, even to Distant Shores.

Yesterday was one of those days.
Yesterday I held my Daughter as she sobbed in Grief and Disbelief 
Yesterday She lost a Treasured Friend and Colleague.
Yesterday She had so many Questions that may never have answers - 

He worked beside her
He danced at her Wedding
He survived his PhD
He adopted a Stray Kitten
He had Friends and Family that Loved Him
He had so much to live for.

Now He is Gone

Someone had to Find Him
Someone had to Tell his Parents
Who had to Tell his Family
And Inform his Work 
Someone then took the Task of telling each Friend and Colleague.
And Someone held those people as They Cried.....

There is Nothing that is so Insurmountable that you had to do THIS.
* * *

This is not the First time we have been touched by the Ripples of Suicide.
Tragically we have seen it too often.
The dedication in Our Daughters Thesis is to a Beloved Uncle who encouraged her to follow her dream and then never saw it completed.

The actions of a Person so desperate that they take their life - 
It does not end there with them.  
It starts a Ripple of Grief that touches each and every one who have taken that person into their Lives and Homes and Hearts.  Hearts that are now broken.

If THAT person could be YOU - PLEASE seek help
There are people who love you
There are People Who care
Who will live on with the heartache of
"If Only ...."

* * *

The Links below are to Websites dedicated to help you.




December 31, 2017

2017 - The Year in Review


With a liberal dose of Fear and Excitement - DD set off on a Grand Adventure.
A 12 month Research position at the University of Strasbourg in France.

A new BOM - or rather Technique of the Month Quilt
This time - Jinny Beyer's Moroccan Mystery

March began by being frayed at the edges with Allietaire, 
Got Stung several times in the one day by DD's Bees. 
Had my car damaged by an inattentive taxi driver 
and then finished the month off 
watching a doosy of a Cyclone bear down on Friends and Family in QLD. 

Ah - What can I say about April?
April was Paris and Strasbourg.
Cramming our memories with so much Beauty
and then return to celebrate my Father's 94th Birthday.

What happened to May?
I spent my time finishing up Allietaire and my Mystery Quilt sections
only to find I was totally up to date and looking for something to do!

Milestone Birthday for me
celebrated by a trip 'down the Peninsula'
and a ride on the new Eagle Chairlift.

was a month of Highs and Lows

My Istanbul won the Convenors Award
 at the Victorian Quilt Showcase

I said Goodbye to my Dad.


We welcomed GN#3
to the family


Saw us return to Strasbourg
The Excuse? - to see our DD for her Birthday.
and have some well deserved Fun along the way.


Sightseeing by ourselves in Europe in October
or should I say - OKTOBER
and Oh what Sights we saw!

Another Graduation
This Time DS#1
with a Masters of Teaching.

Year ended the way it began - Back at the Airport
This time to bring Our Girl back home.

* * *

I wonder what 2018 will bring?
Happy New Year
to Everyone.


December 28, 2017

On Ringo Lake - Still on Part 3

Yep, STILL on Part 3.

They are certainly not Pretty
(They need to be Pressed
and Trimmed)

And there is far from the required quantity but...

80 Pair of Part Three are Done.

With a new Clue due any day
Part 4 Still sitting in the 'To Do' box
and a whole Gaggle of Brown Geese not started -
I think I am Officially behind!

* * *

To find out more about this MYSTERY 
or what the next Clue is Go to Bonny Hunter's Blog.

To see what other Mystery Hunters are doing with their Clues

December 26, 2017

Christmas comes but once a Year . . .

Thank Goodness!

Trying to fit in seeing everyone - 
Christmas for us starts the Week before.

Full 'Formal' Christmas Dinner at my DB's place.

And introducing the concept of an Aussie Christmas with Bonbons and Christmas Jokes to DS#2s USA-GF

Oh what Fun!

Christmas Eve meant last minute shopping, wrapping, Planning and Preparing for the next Day.
Lots of Side-tracks. 
Watching the Computer - 
Not for Santa's Journey 
from the North Pole.
But another Special Flight -

Christmas Day - 

Always time for Family and Friends.

This Year - Family not here ...

And an empty Chair that will never again 
be filled.

But life goes on and NEW Traditions need to be forged - 

So on a Day when the outside temperatures were over 30℃

It was bring out the Good China for a Christmas HIGH TEA.

Beautiful Christmas Flavours
in Sandwiches and Individual Pots of Trifle
and Pavlova.

Mince Pies and Special Brewed Tea.

All made for a wonderful alternative to the usual Big Lunch.

And afterwards there was very little washing up.

The Special Flight was watched intently...
Even Artemis was interested to keep an eye on it's progress!

AT LAST it was time to head off to the Airport.
We arrived just as they Landed.

Can you Guess -
I am just a "Little Bit" excited?

It has been a VERY long Year
and one that has not all been Good.

(Dream Jobs sometimes turn out to be Nightmares.)

But finally our Beautiful DD is now back Home!

Boxing Day:
The Day AFTER Christmas.
Traditionally for Us - time to catch up with my DH's side of the Family.

Not This Year.

I may have been over tired and They were very Jet-lagged.

But in a flurry of Gift Paper and Stories -
I had MY family all together in the One Place at the One Time.

Happy Christmas Indeed!

* * * * *
The Lighthouse on my Sidebar

When ever any of my Family are travelling 
I place a 'Light in the Window' on my Blog.
A reminder there are Loved ones waiting at Home.

This image of the Lighthouse at Corny Point SA has been on my sidebar for the year that our DD has been overseas.

She is now safely home.
Time to Take the "Candle from the Window".

December 24, 2017

Christmas Greetings to All.

Hoping that wherever you are
Whatever you Believe
You will be Blessed
on this Holy Day.

December 20, 2017

On Ringo Lake - Part 3 & 4

Following on from my last "On Ringo Lake" update.

Things are still hectic at our place - and it is not JUST because it is nearly Christmas.

Sewing is now a 'guilty pleasure' -  nevertheless I have been able to squeeze a little bit in.

Over sizing my small squares and drawing 45° lines on my rectangles sped up the process.

Now I have 30 pairs of Block 3

and a quick way to knock off the rest when I have the time.

Which brings me to PART 4.

More Triangles - not my favourite thing to sew.

Thanks to an Internet Friend - I have been able to at least make ONE sample of the next block - without any diagonal lines!

Once made this block can be cut to produce TWO Units of our Clue 4 Patch.

I think I won't cut these apart until I see where they will be used in the Quilt.

Perhaps another Triangle -
Or a Mystery patch....

Who Knows?

* * * * *

To find out more about this MYSTERY 
or what the next Clue is Go to Bonny Hunter's Blog.

To see what other Mystery Hunters are doing with their Clues