October 19, 2017

Did we have a relaxing trip?

Well, that IS the question most people ask once you get home, but in our case Holidays/Vacation/Time Away from Home are rarely relaxing!

We have always preferred to pack as much as possible into our trips away and this month was no exception.
The reason for the trip was to take our DD out for her Birthday (yes, we have told her it is the most expensive Birthday Present she will ever get!)

But that does not mean we couldn't have some fun while we were there!

Digital Cameras have made taking Holiday Photos so much easier now you no longer have that "Oh I have to make every shot count because I only have 3 rolls of film" issue.

But once I added a second camera - ie: my iPhone into the mix things started to get complicated.

Even though I made sure I changed the Time Zone on Both devices so that my photos were not 8 hours ahead of when they were actually taken, they refuse to sort into anything that resembles our day.
So now - Instead of writing about our Trip - I am getting very distracted by sorting and painstakingly renaming Photos.

* * * * *

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October 5, 2017

I have been a bit Quiet lately. . .

But WOW - 
What can I say?

I am sitting on top of a mountain in Switzerland
Eating Chocolate Cake!

August 30, 2017

"I never knew just what it was - and I guess I never will"

Yesterday was my Parent's Wedding Anniversary.
They would have been married 64 years.

I normally take Mum out for lunch as Dad always forgot - so there was no reason to not continue the tradition just because Dad is no longer with us.

I would have liked to have taken her for High Tea somewhere but she was insisting on just a Toasted Sandwich and Coffee.

I have long since learnt not to argue with my Mother - so Toasted Sandwich it was ...

We started the day by taking him flowers and ended it at an Op Shop.

I really don't enjoy going to Opportunity Shops but occasionally you find something - Interesting...

Like THIS!

Any ideas?
I am open for suggestion.

With no holes in the sole-plate, I don't think it was a Steam Iron.
I think it may be an oil or spirit heated Iron.

But at $65 I think I will leave it there for a serious collector!

August 18, 2017

And now it's time to say ...

Hello there
Welcome to the Family
I am your Great (Awesome) Aunt

Looking forward to meeting you in person and having lots of cuddles.

Great Nephew #3 
arrived safely 10:00 am

August 11, 2017

And The Lord gave us a beautiful day , , ,

Time to say - "See you later Dad".

It was not a time for sadness, It was a time to celebrate his life
He would have been so chuffed
He loved a party 
especially when he was the centre of attention.

Matthew 25:21

August 1, 2017

Goodnight Dad - Sleep Well

Sunday night I said Good night to my Dad for the last time.

29th April 1923 - 30th July 2017

July 28, 2017

MY Istanbul

Last November I posted "Just a Peek" of my Istanbul Quilt
I wanted to keep the finished quilt 'under wraps' as it was to be entered in a Quilt Show.

The centre Medallion was a design by Tamsin Harvey from her book Constantinople Quilts - which was exactly what my DS#1 requested for his Wedding Quilt
- BUT it was only a Wall hanging!

I needed the quilt to be Queen size - so after talking to a lot of very knowledgeable people,
I set the Medallion on point and proceeded to design my own corner elements for the setting triangles

Today it was awarded the Convenors Award
at the Victorian Quilt Showcase 2017

I didn't know Ribbons came in Pink -
But they do!

As well as a Certificate and Rosette

I received a sponsorship Prize of a Moda Layer Cake and 3 Charm packs in Civil War Fabrics from PK Fabrics

and a 12 month subscription to Australian Patchwork and quilting Magazine.

Looks like my next project may be taken care of!

* * * * *

The Victorian Quilt Showcase is at the 
Melbourne Convention and Exhibition Centre
 (affectionately known as 'Jeff's Shed') 
1 Convention Centre Place South Wharf Melbourne - Opposite Crown Casino
and runs until Sunday 30th July