December 14, 2017

Flying Geese

"A Group of Geese on the Ground is a Gaggle
In Flight it is a Skein, Team or Wedge"

So, until they can Fly in their Quilt, I would presume that I have a Gaggle of Flying Geese Blocks on my table.

Any way you look at them - there is a lot!

And all these Geese need to be trimmed to size -

So I have been eagerly awaiting a Special delivery.

As my Father was fond of saying -
If there is
"A Tool for a Job"


From Frayed to Fabulous

It certainly made the 
task of trimming the blocks

a lot easier!

December 13, 2017

On Ringo Lake - Part 3

Just Checking in -
There has been so much going on in my part of the World this week that I have only had time to cut about Half of my required Coral Pieces for this Clue.

And I haven't even started on the little Squares that will complete this block!

Hoping to have SOME completed before Friday.

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December 12, 2017

It is Really Good to have your Own Bee Suit

I have been helping DD with her 'Girls' for a while now and I have had to wear DSIL's Suit, which is WAY too big for me, and far from comfortable.
So, I finally decided If I am going to do this I have got to get one of my own.

And just as well I did!

With DD in France and DSIL Visiting her, we went over to check on the house and discovered the Girls had not been tended since Late May/June when I helped pack them down for the Winter.

Other Bee Keepers have been reporting bumper Honey Harvests during Spring and we are already 2 weeks into Summer!

I do not know enough about Bee Keeping to manage a Hive on my own -

but I do know that THIS is not what you want to see.

Time to get the Flow Hive Super on top and Give the Girls some More Room!

And it did not take them long to find their new Space.

5 minutes later and they were already moving in.

I think they will 'Bee' a Lot more Comfortable now

And we can look forward to a Harvest -

If we are lucky ... by the New Year.

December 11, 2017

Congratulations are in Order.

Today, it was a Glorious Day and I returned to our Stunning Royal Exhibition Buildings in Melbourne.

This time - not for a Craft or Quilt Show
nor a Garden or Any other Exhibition for that matter.

Today we came to Celebrate.

Along with many other Parents, Family and Friends.

Each and every one of these Grandaunts have already completed at least one degree.

But we were only interested in 

DS#1 - 

now has a Masters Degree in Education.

He has been encouraged and supported all the way by his Beautiful Wife.

- Who also has her own Masters in Music and Education.

Twin Brother (DS#2) Came along to 'Do His Thing' and get some Family Photos.

In about 18 months time,
the Roles and Robes will be reversed.

A different Son, 
A different University 
A different Subject

And so it starts again.

I am so very Proud of all of them!
A Perfect way to Celebrate my 400th Post

December 5, 2017

On Ringo Lake - Clue Two.

This week we were asked to Pull out our Coral/Sunrise Fabric.

So, I asked the resident Colour Expert (DS#2) for some help with choosing these.

Many wonderful discussions ensued about what Colours actually make up an Australian Sunrise. We got SO sidetracked, but eventually my Pallet was chosen.

And the instructions said to make Flying Geese.
Lots and Lots of Flying Geese. Many more blocks than we made last week.

I have not made all that are required for the project, but there are enough for this week's photo.

There are many ways to construct this well known block, But how to do them efficiently and accurately AND with no waste OR drawing lines across the fabric?

 Foundation Piecing! and I was able to String sew them as well!!

I would much rather sit watching the Cricket and pull paper out than draw lines on fabric any day! Or I may just leave them in until I know how they are going to be used in the quilt.

And This Week's distraction was - RAIN, and lots of it!

I live in the Northern Parts of Melbourne and are fortunate to have TWO Lakes Close by - and This week they were Far from Tranquil!
And with the rain came cooler weather
- To sew or To Bake?
Ah, decisions decisions.....

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December 2, 2017

'Tis the Season to ...

Share a Meal

Celebrate the Year Past

Enjoy Company of Others
you have worked beside

and ....
      Learn Stuff!

Today was the
Cake Decorators Association of Victoria
Christmas Celebration and Demonstration

Today we didn't DO
We Watched and Learnt how to make
"Missy Mince Pie"

Isn't she a Cutie?
Looking forward to making her!

November 29, 2017

On Ringo Lake - Part One

This year I have decided to (try and) keep up with Bonny Hunter's latest Mystery.

There has been a lot of sidetracks,
distractions and....
unmovable obstacles
which have kept me from getting started on this new project.

And when I finally sat down to sew,
I found I had to blow the Dust Bunnies out of my 'old faithful' Pfaff Synchrotronic 1229, and give her a much needed Service.

When I need "Little Miss Reliable" this is the one I go to.

NO fancy Computer programming, I can turn her off - go have a cuppa
and when I come back - She is ready to roll!

So today, with the temperature outside hitting 37C (That's 98F), the errands done and Spike hiding in the coolest part of the house,  I buckled down and got the first clues completed.

All the Nine Patch Blocks - DONE!

Looking forward to Part 2.

* * *
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