20 February 2013

Up the Creek ... Coburg Lake Photo-shoot Pt 2

After spending a considerable amount of time enjoying a little recognised part of Coburg Lake - that area which is below the Weir, we decided to take a stroll across the Three Arched Bridge.
As I walked the path I wondered how many different modes of transport it had seen in the 150 or so years it has been standing. And how many people crossing it now gave any thought to it's history.

We walked past the newly built playground where dreams and adventures of local children are made ...

...in the shadow of the ever watchful yet decaying Guard Towers of Pentridge Prison.

And through manicured lawns,
to find one garden bed
that caught my eye
whilst driving by....

a stand of Golden Sunflowers

to get that Perfect Shot.

We strolled down avenues of shaded Elms

and enjoyed the sight of families feeding Seagulls under graceful Willows.

(Yes, there are Ducks too - but they are much too sensible to get into a feeding frenzy with City Gulls!)

Crossing another bridge
to get a good view

of the Basalt cliffs that form the North wall of the Lake

And then looking upstream again to the waters that dance on their way - being watched over by a graceful Guardian who has made this part of Merri Creek his home.

These images are but a drop in the pond - of a wonderful afternoon - and what unexplored gems you have in your own backyard.

I hope you have enjoyed a local's view of Coburg Lake.

Coburg Lake Reserve
Gaffney Street 
Coburg  Vic  3058
(almost on the corner of Sydney Road)

16 February 2013

Today is brought to you by the letter....

Another Three Tantalising or should that be Traumatising subjects for our Scatterday post today.

So what did I find for my T Categories?

T is for - 
anything from TASMANIA is very TASTY

These beautiful Ports and Meads came from the Hartzview Vineyard in Tasmania.

T is for Thumbelina  - from The Danny Kaye Musical "Hans Christian Anderson"
This little Thumbelina has stood steadfast with her Groom for over 80 years - Very faded now they adorned my Grand parents' wedding cake.

T is for Touring.. 
Twenty days with Three Teens all on L Plates!
I was terrified - they had a ball!

T is for Trylko Thread -  
Delving into the box marked Sewing Thread brought another "Blast from the Past". What I don't know is WHY I have so many reels of Green & Gold cotton!

13 February 2013

"Grab your camera - we're going on a photo shoot"

Melbourne, at the moment, is at that gloriously unsettled end of Summer where the weather can't quite work out what it wants to do.  Yes - OK - for those of us that live here that IS what it is like most days!
Monday was one of those days where you just wanted to be out in it.
So I collected my camera and DS#2 and went off to the Lake.

Coburg Lake most probably started off as one of the 41 Blue-stone Quarries for the surrounding buildings, including the (now closed) formidable Pentridge Prison, when in 1915, a weir was built to dam the Merri Creek and form the lake.

For most of the time the weir is an unimposing concrete wall that barely gets wet with the tranquil waters lapping over the spillway.

Occasionally, after heavy rain the creek becomes a torrent and the spillway turns into a raging waterfall....

... forcing everything onto the rocks below.

and continues its way under historic bridges, to eventually meet up with the Yarra River further downstream.

Maybe next week I'll share some of the photos that I took UPSTREAM!

8 February 2013

Dear Jane,

Image from Bennington Museum
Could you have possibly had any idea that your Quilt would cause such a fuss?  That those 169 Five Inch Blocks surrounded by a deep scalloped pieced border that you meticulously hand stitched would take the interest and imagination of thousands of quilters across the globe?
And, 150 years after you tied off the French knot that you used as a full stop in the bottom corner block that declares "War Time 1863-Pieces 5602".
Could you have ever imagined that across the Ocean there would gather 60 Dear Jane Quilts in one exhibition in a celebration of the Quilt that now tests us all?

Stepping into the cool of the Box Hill Town Hall with it's historic Art Deco architecture I felt that I'd stepped back in time.

My eyes gazed across the room where stand upon stand identical quilts stood proudly.....

.... Well,  some were identical

... and some were Bright

... and some were Blue

... and some were subtly elegant in Burgundy with plain borders

and Others had the Quilt Angels working overtime with their incredible pieced backings.

And each and every one of them left me in awe of the women who had shared their Dear Janes and Baby Janes and Janes who had travelled to Africa and Japan and yes there was even an 'Abandoned Jane' amongst the display of finished and unfinished work.

After spending a pleasant hour and an half studying the quilts, I went looking for somewhere to have a quiet Cup of Tea.

But it was here, the ladies of the Australian Quilters Association had yet one more surprise, for each table was set with a pretty floral centrepiece set in a Cup with Saucer on a 9 patch Dear Jane place mat!

Just Perfect.

Dear Jane Exhibition
Box Hill Town Hall
1022 Whitehorse Road
Box Hill Vic 3128
8-10 February 2013
10:00am - 4:00pm

4 February 2013

Easter Cupcakes

This weekend, I spent an enjoyable Saturday afternoon with the ladies at the Cake Decorators Association. 

One of our newer members took us for a workshop where we learnt to make Easter Themed decorated Cupcakes.  

I was pleased with the way mine turned out, even though they were supposed to look like Easter Eggs with Bunnies bursting out of them. 
But, after the week I have just had I think that 'Rabbit Holes' were more appropriate.
At least my Bunny found an egg to share while she was down there and looks pretty pleased with herself as well!

2 February 2013

Today is brought to you by the letter....

Today's Scatterdays letter sent me off into the garden and the depths of the back of the pantry to find samples of this quaint and quirky letter.  So for my offering today I have found...

Q is for QUERCUS or more commonly known as The OAK tree.  
My DD collected these Acorns some years ago with the thought that she may like to grow them as part of her Bonsai collection. Unfortunately they didn't germinate, but I must admit I am a little relieved - I am not sure that I really wanted an Oak forest on the back veranda!

Q is for QUINCE researching the humble Quince - a fruit that is relegated to most people's childhood memories of Grandma's house - led me to finding out that it is packed full of Vitamins and boasts many health benefits.  But who can resist those glorious golden pots of Quince Jelly that adorn the tables of Country Church Fetes and to enjoy Quince paste with Cheese and crackers.

Q is for Something QUICK.  I am a member of the Janome 6500 Challenge group, and our November challenge is a very Quick one - POSTCARDS! - Fabric Postcards are very quick to make.
We made our cards and then posted them to our swap partners (some went 'naked' through the post). These gorgeous cards are some that I have received in return.
Last year, I won the 'quickest card' - Melbourne to Canada in 3 days!

and I kept this one for last.....

Q is for QUININE.  What? I hear you mutter!! Surely Quinine should be listed in the "Healthy" category!
Yes.. It is good for you, It is the chemical that cures Malaria, found in the bark of the Cinchona tree.
BUT - It also has a fun property that shows up at night time - when you shine a UV light on it....


For this photo I delved into my Blog archives and reposted a photo from my Boys' 21st Birthday Party.

Quinine - the bitter ingredient in Bitter Lemon - glows BLUE under UV light.
How cool is that!