25 November 2013

Scatterday - G (The Wedding Issue)

G - Today's letter Is for Gold Wedding Bands, 
Glorious Weather, Gleeful Guests, Grinning Groom and a Gorgeous Girl! - 
But those are MY Categories that can easily fit this weeks Scatterdays post.

But our Official Categories are:-

G - Body: A lot of Brides (and their Mothers) worry about how their Body will look on the day.
But no worries here -
And the 2 Ring-bearers (my Great Nephews) didn't look too bad either!

G - Hobby:
As you all know one of my Hobbies is Cake Decorating and my GRAND IDEA was to make her Wedding Cake and to decorate it with GARLANDS of Handmade Sugar Flowers to match her bouquet.
And I can now reveal that the Blue Flowers were actually the colours of the Other GIRLS - our Beautiful Bridesmaids!

G - Lunch: 
Ahh! Lunch... I don't think I had any, BUT our Beautiful DD did manage a GLASS of Milk.
And that other meal - Not Lunch but actually Dinner yet called Breakfast (Go Figure!)

G - Green: 
A GASTRONOMIC delight awaited the GUESTS at the wonderful
Sails by the Bay at Elwood.
And I was delighted to see that the Vegetarian Option was several glorious shades of GREEN!

Now for those few extra G photos ...

G - GOLD Wedding Rings

G - Grinning Groom and a Gorgeous Girl

G - Gleeful Guests..

Our friend Dave managed to 'photo-bomb' every camera in the house!
He had a ball!

and  last but not least...
The Good Lord gave us
a Glorious Day
and Blessed Us with
a Perfect Sunset,
complete with 'God-rays'.

and coincidentally sailing off into the Sunset - The Spirit of Tasmania...
But that is another story and not mine to tell!

20 November 2013

Things Girls get up to ...

The day started with  DD being presented with her 
Bridal Shower Sash and Tiara

and an elegant High Tea 
at the Melbourne Botanic Gardens Tea House

after which, the Bride to Be was "Kidnapped" and whisked away to the Peninsula Hot Springs at Mornington where the Girls had an absolute ball soaking all the stress and cares away in the Thermal Springs.

It was a beautiful day and the Bride was returned home VERY relaxed!

11 November 2013

Scatterdays - K

Oh my goodness - What happened here?
I must be a total Scatter-brain for forgetting Scatterdays this week!
In my defense - It wasn't on the calendar.

K - IN MY NEIGHBOURHOOD: KODAK Factory - This place where dreams were developed has been a part of my neighbourhood for 50 years.  My Parents watched it rise from the ground and return to the dust again.

Now, with the advent of the digital age of Photography the factory is no more and this valuable land, so close to the City of Melbourne is providing a new generation a place where new dreams are once again being made.  I miss it's big chimney, for as it loomed into view - I always knew I was almost home.

K - EDIBLE:  KEWPIE Mayonnaise - It is the consensus of opinion from some members of my household that this may not actually be edible. But here it is... in my pantry, bought solely to compliment the Okonomiyaki (Japanese Pancakes) I (try to) make occasionally.

K - CONTAINER: KLIP IT Containers - A New Zealand product that has certainly cornered the market for storage.  I pick these up whenever they are on half-price special and have many now scattered across my various hobbies.  I am sure there is not one room in my home that does not have at least one of these containers in it - I even have one with my (meagre supply) of makeup in it in the bedroom!

Hmmmm does a King Size Mess count? or perhaps a King Size Headache? What about a King Size project for next year?
TWO Wedding Quilts, already booked in to be custom quilted by Christmas 2014 and I haven't even started yet!  At least I know what DD wants, and DS#1 - well I think maybe he will get whatever it is I feel like making...

Well, that it it from me for this week, it has been a fairly long post.
Next Scatterday, brought to you by the letter G, may be late as well as it is due the day after my DD's Wedding.
Can I work up these Categories along with Wedding Themed Photos?