16 September 2013

Scatterday - J

What delights can the letter J conjure up for us today?

J can indicate a JOURNEY - and our first category is HOLIDAY.
We haven't been on a family holiday for quite some time, in fact it was way back in 2008 when we took off with the 3 young folk in the back of the Station Wagon and headed WEST - or was that South? - Well, we got as far as Streaky Bay SA before having to turn back and head home.
Along the way we stopped at Cape JERVIS where we discovered it was way too expensive to JUMP on board the ferry to Kangaroo Island - so settled for hamming it up and pushing over the lighthouse!

Built in 1881 and a length of 1680 meters, the Port Germein JETTY was the longest Jetty in the Southern Hemisphere.
We walked the remaining 1532 meters to find this bloke and his mate, taking time off work to go fishing for Blue Swimmer Crabs. (They were supposed to be painting the school hall.)
They said they were just staying until the beer ran out!

J - DANCING:  All right the obvious photo for this post would be Jitterbug dancing BUT as I prefer to use my own images...
I came up with a just awful snap of a lot of JUNIORS JOYFULLY Jumping into the Macarena at my Brothers 50th Birthday bash.

J - TOY: Oh this one was easy!

Meet JUNE - she was my 6th Birthday gift from my Mum and Dad.
(Guess which month my birthday is?)
Her dress was made from fabric left over from a favourite dress my Mother wore.
Poor June has never had a new outfit. I have never gotten around to making her a one.

J - Japanese:
OK - confession time... the reason why my post this week was late... I was off being indulged!

This Gift Certificate for a beautiful afternoon of Japanese Massage and pampering, was my Christmas present from my DD and I have been saving it for the right occasion.

I trust you are all sufficiently Jealous!
...and yes! It was JUST what we needed!!!

What letter is next?
I haven't looked!
We are running out of them...
See you in a fortnight's time to find out!


  1. Nice collection of Js! I wonder if the school hall ever got painted?

  2. Sometimes the cursor sticks and I don't get to finish but here goes: the holiday with the youth looked fun and your Japanese massage sounds lovely. Fabric origins seem to be in quilters' DNA!

  3. I'm impressed that you still have the doll you were given when you were 6! She's still looking youthful! Nice selection of pictures this week!

  4. I love your doll June. I had a doll called Suzy, washed her hair and put her too close to the briquette heater to dry. Melted the back of her head and my Mum said I was devastated, cried for days. I often wonder if little girls still play with dolls these days. Love your J's.