24 September 2014

Pirate Party

September 19th is International "Talk Like a Pirate Day" -
it was also my DD's Birthday.
This milestone birthday was always going to be Pirate Themed.

So... Why was I so disorganised that I had to throw together her Cake at the last minute?

Perhaps getting sidetracked learning how to make and decorate Sugar Cookies may have had a bit to do with it . . .

I need a LOT more practice so, these prototypes didn't make it to the party.

I won't go into details, but sufficient to say I had the sort of day that was not conducive to Cake decorating.

Just as well, the Cake was supposed to be a Shipwreck !

And, fortunately, it looked Pretty Impressive by candle-light.

BTW - not all Shipwrecks end up at the bottom of the Ocean - this one was beached.

Just so I could use my awesome little Pirate Crew that I have kept for years - specifically for this cake!

Even more impressive was the look on the youngest guest's face  - 
(unfortunately, I didn't get a photo). . . 
when we cut the cake apart to reveal the "Treasure" in the hold.

The official name for a cake like this is a Pinata Cake.
Not being content to just have treasure - it had a surprise for the adult guests as well.
It was also filled with a White Chocolate Mousse / Black Forest filling !

Maybe next time I should just stick to the recipe . . .
and then I won't run out of time . . .
Maybe. . .

11 September 2014

Everyone loves a Challenge . . . .

I am at the moment up to my eyebrows in another Wedding Cake.  The design has been decided and I have made a start on the elegant small bouquet of flowers the Bride had asked for.

It needs to sit on a Cake Stand.

There are many lovely cake stands around at the moment.
This is one of my Cake stands ...

This is the Cake Stand the Mother of the Groom presented to the Bride.

It was very expensive.

Standing 10.5 inches high
and 21 inches across
 it is

I think I am going to need more cake - and more flowers - a lot more flowers!