27 February 2014

What am I doing at the moment?

Bali Wedding Star - Units A & B are completed and nicely packed back in their bags waiting to be trimmed to size.

I am not 100% sure of the colour selection for the Bali Pops pack I chose.
It all looks good when you are only seeing a very small piece of each fabric - until you open the packs and discover there are some very weird patterns included, and not all of them are Batiks!

At this point I am happy to continue and am intrigued as to how it is going to look with it's stormy Grey/Blues and Mauves and Aquas. - Well, I DID ask for Ocean colours!!

In the meantime - I am wondering do I 'take a break'
OR do I go on with something else?

Take a break - yeah right!!!
Seeing I am in the mood for Foundation Paper Piecing, what better "Something Else" is to get my JINNY BEYER - Crystal Star out of the box and under the machine!

I thought I'd made a start on this last year - but - I have just checked back through my Blog Posts and discovered it was EXACTLY 2 years ago ...
It was nice to open the box and find 90% of the project all cut out and more than adequately labelled.
A cup of tea later, and I was reacquainted with where I was - and ready to sew.

I have decided to work on this as a distraction or a 'fill in' between projects or when I just need to do something else.
As the sections are self contained it is possible just to pick it up and put down anytime.

How far do I get this time? - - - Only time will tell!

20 February 2014

Launched - February 15th 2011

This week marks the third anniversary of the launch of Hearts Desire.  
It certainly has been a learning curve for me on so many levels. 
It was the reason I started this Blog, to share my progress on this Mystery Quilt. 
And now, I am pleased to say - it is finally finished.

I present to you
HEARTS DESIRE (My Heart is Blue)
Design by Esther Aliu
Beautifully quilted by Desley - Addicted to Quilts, Melbourne Australia.

Block 1 - Be Still My Heart

Block 3 - Sing Me a Song

Block 4 - Flowers for Me
Borders 1 & 2

Corner baskets and borders 2&3
with Binding and added accent

Hearts Desire - together at last.

16 February 2014

Bali Wedding Star

This week saw me making a good start on the Bali Wedding Star Quilt.

Choosing the colourway for a quilt that is to be an important gift was for me quite daunting. I picked out a couple of packs of Bali Stips.
Then came another decision - Choose 11 sets of 8 colours shading from light to dark.

I came to the realisation that if ever I was to work with Pre-Cuts again I would open ALL the packets at once - Lay them out on the table, sort into colour grades THEN choose my fabrics.
(As opposed to choosing the colours one packet at a time.)

Once that was done it was just a case of Strip Piecing meets Foundation Piecing. So far - so good!

As I was powering through the first set of Arcs I wondered just how long this will take to make.
 (Given no interruptions or unexpected trips!!)

* * * * * * * * * *
Interruption No 1 - Go to hardware store to buy PVC pipe to add height to my cutting table.

Very simply - it is 4 x 1/2 meter lengths of plumbing pipe that is slipped on to the legs of the table.
The cross bar of the table braces the pipe and voila it is now 4 inches higher!
(DH put some end caps on the bottom - for 'feet' - just to finish it off.)

Now all I need to do is get myself settled and get on with it!

6 February 2014

Starting something new - -

Last year I asked DD to chose the Quilt she would like for her Wedding Gift.
"I don't like Wedding Ring Quilts" came the reply

So What DID she choose?
This one!

by Judy Niemeyer
Her excuse/reason was "It doesn't count - It's Different!"

Yesterday I spent a delightful morning at a Not So Local Quilt Shop getting pointers on how best to tackle this project.

Cutting the pattern pieces apart and choosing the colour scheme took all day and I'm not finished yet.
I have signed up for a class/sit & sew which will help keep me motivated
- that and the big red circle on the Calendar with "Custom Quilt Booking" written on it for November.

This is just one of the projects that I have on my "To Do List" for this year.
I think I am going to be a bit busy!