27 June 2013

Bags are packed ....

We're ready to go.

I am hoping to be able to post a photo a day
So, check back occasionally
and join me in my first trip to the USA !

22 June 2013

Scatterdays - B

 is our letter for today - and Isn't "Blackletter" a glorious font!
So, here are our Categories.

Congratulations Grandpa
LIBRARY:-  I could have taken a photo of Books that belong in a Library, but - I'm not going to.
Because, you see, My Dad has a Library named after him - So this is the perfect time to BRAG about it! 
(Before you ask, He started working as a 'Parent Volunteer' at the local Primary School library when my DD was in Prep (yes - the one that is now doing a Phd). He was there for so long, that when they built a new Library they named it after him. - He retired this year just before his 90th Birthday.)

SMELL:- It took a Long time to get the smell of BURNT BUN out of my Brand new Oven -
Thanks DS#1

EQUIPMENT:-  No longer a humble Kettle.
Bung the Billy on and Boil a Brew!
The search for a new Kettle began last Saturday when my humble piece of kitchen equipment BLEW the power circuit breaker and gave up the ghost!
The replacement?
A Breville "Smart Kettle" (in Pomegranate - a colour that was "so last year" it was marked down $50.00 - BARGAIN!)
This beauty of a beveridge centre boasts 5 different temperatures for the perfect brew!

BLOG:- My OTHER Blog -
This is where I review all the BEAUTIFUL Coffees and sometimes the B-awful (who said that??) ones too.  
Baristas Beware your next customer could be ME.

Next Scatterday's Post will be brought to you by the Letter N.
This is going to be interesting for me, as I am NOT going to be home and will try and Post from where I am and what I can find along the way.
Coincidentally my first (real) port of call will be - - Nashville TN !

20 June 2013

Wild Goose Chase - - -

Today I am on a "Wild Goose Chase" - The sort that takes you out of the house and onto the road, which ends up using all the precious sewing time you had ...

I went into my stash and discovered that the fabric that I had used for the last border on my Heart's Desire Quilt was no more than a large scrap.

So I will not be able to get those binding pieces cut out until I can locate some more of this beautiful fabric.....

Yes, it's the same fabric!
The problem with "Letting my fingers do the walking" as they used to say (ringing around) is the COLOUR!  In the sunlight it looks bright blue but take it into the shade and it is quite green. So it is impossible to describe it over the phone!

Well, I can say for sure that if I can't find it here, before my trip away - you can bet that a piece of it will be in my bag!

15 June 2013

Never a Dull Moment - - -

Doesn't everyone have?

An Orchestra rehearse in their Family room?

13 June 2013

Just a little Peek - - - -


... am I shouting?  
Well I am just a "little bit" excited
My two Big Beautiful Quilts are now .... Quilted!

And this is ALL I am going to show until the binding is done.

Oh - So much else to do...
Can I get sidetracked?
Just cut out the binding?
Maybe sew in on?
Then I could stitch while watching the TV...
Better be patient
There is so much else to do.

9 June 2013

Scatterdays: And today... as they would say...

X marks the spot!
The thing with the letter X was that everyone thought that it would be eXtremely hard to come up with the required four categories.  But given the challenge it soon became apparent just how many Xs were available for today's post.

ALIVE: Xanthorrhoea
Australian Grass Tree – I have 2 of these in my garden.  One is very much ALIVE and has currently decided to put out five new flower spikes at once (and one of the 2 from last year still remains).
In summer it is ALIVE with Bees and Native Birds all eXcited to taste the honeydew nectar.

An X-Ray shows the hidden injuries we do to ourselves...  In this case an eXtremely painful fracture on my ankle.

FAMOUS: Xavier Herbert
- Famous Australian.  Miles Franklin award winning Author (Poor Fellow My Country) and also the Australian Classic “Capricornia”.  And yes, this book is actually from our Library.

CROSSES in Quilts: X Factor Bargello by Chris Timmins
When I was trawling through the photographs I had taken at the AQC this year to see if I could find something with crosses on it I could go no further than this Beautiful Red/Grey/Black Bargello it certainly had the X FACTOR!

What could possibly B the letter for Next Scatterday?

5 June 2013

Well, THAT wasn't on the Calendar......

Regular visitors will be aware that I have a LOT on my calendar this year. Things were settling into a plan (of sorts) and I was thinking 'Yes I CAN do this'.  And then DD came home and said....
"Mum - I need to go to a Conference - Will you come with me?"

To many of my readers it is a common occurrence to pack bags "Jump on a 'plane" and end up somewhere else - BUT....
believe it or not ...
I have never flown ...
anywhere ...
before ...

You may well guess by the photo that this is NOT a 'local' conference.

Now, I love going on adventures and this is going to be one BIG adventure.
I have worked out that by the time I get back home 
I will have flown 35,000 km  
on 9 different types of Aircraft, 
cooling my heels in 7 different airports, 
over the space of 17 days.
And I have been reliably informed that I will be travelling through ...
a Gazillion timezones!

I realise that it would be daft to go all that way, just to go to a conference. Without seeing anything - other than the insides of airports and the conference venue (albeit a very NICE conference venue). Therefore, I have planned a little side trip to visit an Internet Friend on the way. 

So folks .. in a little over Three Weeks DD & I will be on our way to Alabama then on to Michigan!

AND - If anyone has any hints on what to do in an airport for 8 hours - your comments will be appreciated!!!