29 January 2016

"ONLY" one sixteenth of an inch ....

You would not think that one sixteenth of an inch would make all that much difference.  It is in many cases just the thickness of a (blunt) pencil.

Yet in quilting it makes a HUGE difference!

This photo shows TWO one inch square reference blocks -
I would have said that they are both the same size, yet the square on the left is just ever so slightly out.

I didn't realise anything was wrong, I measured the block drawing, it was only a little bit out so I concluded it "was not to scale"...

I made up my first block and fussed over the fact it did not sit right. No matter what I did it would not go together!

I blamed everything from my own lack of talent to the 'dodgy' 1/4" seam of my machine -
I re-measured the reference block, I checked my computer - it was set to print at 100% - so what was wrong?

What I didn't know was, when we unplugged the Printer for a day recently it reset the custom settings to "Fit to Page" when it was turned back on.
Apparently it didn't matter what my laptop was programmed to do - the printer ALSO had to be set to 100%.

Here in the pieces that make up the block you can see the subtle difference.
On each piece it is only a 'bees whisker' on the side seams - But the REAL issue was that One Sixteenth of an Inch at the bottom of the fan shaped piece on the right hand side.

Mystery solved and now my pieced 6 1/2 inch blocks are going together like a dream!

22 January 2016

Picking up my needles

A while ago I was tiding my sewing/craft/store room when I came across my Grandmother's collection of knitting needles. Wow, did they bring back memories!

It has been quite a while since I picked up any needles - but there is SO much beautiful wool around now that it is VERY tempting indeed.

So tempting that I found myself wandering around free knitting sites until I found something that sparked my interest.

Of course, I would choose something that had more to it than 'just plain stocking stitch".

I admit I did enjoy the challenge...
(and my Nan would have been pleased to see her needles being used.)

Now to find something for that beautiful Silver Grey Alpaca and Silk.....

13 January 2016

You know it is hot when ....

.... you go OUTSIDE just to work out if the Air-con is actually working!
It is a neat little trick and always makes me feel cooler.

But then I noticed the Christmas Candle that was left outside 

Yup - it was a little hot....

So - what was the temperature?
(That's 111 deg F)

And now the 'cool change' is on the way bringing winds strong enough
 to break the *Spirit's moorings 
and a big dust storm as well.

That's my Melbourne!

*Spirit of Tasmania crashes into pier at Port Melbourne