29 November 2017

On Ringo Lake - Part One

This year I have decided to (try and) keep up with Bonny Hunter's latest Mystery.

There has been a lot of sidetracks,
distractions and....
unmovable obstacles
which have kept me from getting started on this new project.

And when I finally sat down to sew,
I found I had to blow the Dust Bunnies out of my 'old faithful' Pfaff Synchrotronic 1229, and give her a much needed Service.

When I need "Little Miss Reliable" this is the one I go to.

NO fancy Computer programming, I can turn her off - go have a cuppa
and when I come back - She is ready to roll!

So today, with the temperature outside hitting 37C (That's 98F), the errands done and Spike hiding in the coolest part of the house,  I buckled down and got the first clues completed.

All the Nine Patch Blocks - DONE!

Looking forward to Part 2.

* * *
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On Ringo Lake!


  1. Great to have your 9 Patches done...

  2. I have asked that people do not post unit sizes or piece counts for the mystery in their posts. Can you please remove the numbers? Your 9 patches are beautiful! Thank you!

    1. Ooops - Sincere Apologies. All fixed now.
      Cheers Wendy.

  3. Great nine patches! You have the sweetest quilt inspector! I found your blog link on Bonnie's blog and I'm adding you to my reader.

  4. Nice to see you joining in as well, Wendy. Happy mystery-ing!