My Aussie Garden

Well, at least the weeds look good!
This weeks photos are of things that have popped up all by themselves and have grown with no intervention on my part.

This little plant was rescued from my MIL's garden nearly 30 years ago and has been wandering around our place ever since.
The Lilac.  When the Old Chap that lived next door sold his home and beautiful garden (he had a front lawn you could putt on) He asked me if I would take his Lilac bush and put in my garden to look after.  The thought of transplanting a grown Lilac didn't thrill me overly much and I didn't take him up on his request.  Apparently the Lilac had other ideas and migrated under the fence on it's own! It is the only plant that remains of that beautiful front garden.
Where on earth this this Foxglove seedling come from?  The last time I had Foxies in the garden must have been 10 - 15 years ago.  But here it is, perfectly placed behind a log right in the front of the porch.
The Original Lavender plants are long gone - but there always seems to be a new plant popping up in the most awkward spots.  This one is just near the letterbox - just as well I am not scared of Bees.
The Native Violets tend to prefer the cooler East side of the house and ramble up the fence.  They are easily pulled out and come back again while you are not looking. There are worse weeds to worry about than these.
Like the not so native Violets - I have no idea where these came from I certainly didn't plant them, and they are doing a great job of suffocating every other plant in this bed.  I pull them out - they come back stronger.
Well, we seem to have wandered around the back to the "herb garden".  There is one thing I am not short of and that is PARSLEY.  From a couple of punnets I planted another lifetime ago I now have 2 varieties that self seed every year.  The other plant is what is looking like a good crop of Lemon Balm. At least it is mainly contained to a small patch of ground under the lemon tree.

Well, that is  our 'cooks tour' of the weeds in my small garden.  I will leave you with my favourite photo of a little visitor we found in the recycling bin.

"Musick has Charms to sooth a savage Breast,
To soften Rocks, or bend a knotted Oak."


  1. I love the way things are coming back after the drought.
    II also have a few violet beds that need some thinning. But they are good ground cover when bulbs etc have gone.
    My herb garden has gone berserk with pineapple sage, which with dahlias are as tall as I am.
    And mint which I used to not bother to keep in pots has gone crazy along with the seeding parsley.

  2. Wendy I love your garden..Let me drawl the Lilac, the voilets ohh the Holly Hocks I am trying to establish a cottage garden but with the drought and the water restrictions it isn't easy

  3. How delightful to see your "weeds" growing in your garden. We are knee deep in snow here in Canada with more on the way. I am looking forward to seeing the amazing plants and flowers on my trip to Australia this April.