Cakes by Wendy

I have been decorating cakes for family and friends 
as well as the occasional Corporate Morning Tea
 for over 30 years.

I am a member of the 
Cake Decorators Association of Victoria and The Cake Decorators Society of Victoria.
Some cakes from my Album

A Naked Cake 
with 75 Chocolate Mud Cupcakes
Roses, Olives and Forget-Me-Nots 
for a Country Wedding
17th February 2018

Big and Beautiful
Peony, Rosebuds and Dainty blossoms
10th October 2014

Wildflowers for a Country Wedding Theme for DS#1
17th Jan 2014

Orange Calla Lily & Gold Orchids for a DD's Wedding
22nd November 2013

Diamond (60th) Anniversary Cake
with 60 small 'diamonds' scattered through the spray
29th August 2013

It's not every day you can make a 90th Birthday Cake
29th April 2013
Handmade Australian Wildflowers 
Waratah, Wattle, Flannel Flowers and Pink Heath 

Aussie Christmas 2011
Traditional Fruit Cake 

The Frangipani and Violet Posy was from a class I did a few years ago - just added some large Sleigh Bells to make it a bit more "Christmassy"

Happy 18th Angela
Fruit Cake & Fresh Flowers
(June 2002)

For my Mitsubishi Loving Nephew Luke
on his 18th
(5th August 2004)

and His 21st Birthday
(5th August 2007)

and then...

A Wedding Cake ....
with 4 days notice!

(13th July 2008)

An "Over the Hill" Cake
for my Big Brother

8th October 2004

and a good reason NOT to light the candles BEFORE the speeches

A Caricature for Nephew Mark
1 November 2004
(1/11/1983 - 22/4/2010)
We miss you so much.

My Boys 18th Birthday - 
8th August 2008

a Chess Board 
with Handmade Sugar Chess Pieces.

It took me ages to make this as I had to hide it each night.

Definitely a hard Act to Follow!

Well, the 21st Cake HAD to trump their 18th.
I think I may have just done that with a Steampunk Theme.

This is the "WISH-ANARIUM"
It is A smoke powered Wish Generator


Sarah's 21st
19th September 2005

2 tier Chocolate Mud Cake with Marbled Icing and decorated with Skeleton Leaf Flowers and Patchwork Bear.

Marbled Icing is quite deliberate and not icing that you have had a problem mixing properly (as I was asked on the day).


Katie's 21st Birthday flowers.
26 September 2010

And Chocolate Mud Cake

Kath's Gingerbread House
My DH's Gingerbread loving boss was going on Maternity leave - so how could I resist making her a caricature Home and Family? 


  1. Your chess board cake is amazing!

  2. These are incredible!! I had to pin a couple because your work is just amazing.

  3. Wow Wendy you have some fabulous cakes.. I remember my Mum used to make cakes like this for us I even had Humpty Dumpty sitting on a wall once they were really cool

  4. Amazing works of art. Another WOW.

  5. Really lovely My Mum loved doing cakes and I could throw something together but never got to your wonderful art level. Congratulations.