26 June 2014

Quilt Showcase 2014

April 6, 2011
.... if this is your first attempt at appliqué I’m looking forward to seeing your appliqué quilts in shows in a few years time....
Little did I realise when the above comment was left on my Yahoo photo album that I would be writing this post.  
"A few years time" - that's a long way down the track and a lot of learning, maybe one or two more applique quilts into the future. 
The power of encouragement is AWESOME! 
Without it I would not have finished the quilt and without it I would not have entered it into a quilt show.
But here it is ... 
Quilt Showcase 2014 
(Melbourne Convention & Exhibition Centre) 
Heart's Desire 
(My Heart is Blue)

Thank you to EVERYONE
PS: - That is a "Highly Commended" Ribbon attached to it !

A closer look at my ribbon (It is the first I have ever won for anything!)

Thank you to the Award Sponsor :- PK Fabrics NSW (Aust)
for the prize of two Moda Fabric packs.
Harvest Moon Kansas Troubles Quilters Layer Cake
Get a Clue with Nancy Drew 22 pce pack

18 June 2014

Mariner's Compass - Update

It seems to me that this is becoming a trend ...
Once again I cannot credit that it has been 3 months since I posted on my Mariner's Compass.
I have been thoroughly enjoying making this quilt -

So - Where am I up to? 

Chapter 1 - Spokes.
These are the Compass Points and the feature of the quilt's design so it was important to get these right. The initial choice of fabric didn't quite sit with the 'feel' that I am wanting to achieve for the quilt.

So - I made them again!

Chapter 2 - Compass Flower.
These pieces fit between the Spokes forming the first ring of the Compass.
They went together easily and I am very happy with my decision to fussy-cut the central Burgundy spear.

Chapter 3 - Feathered Star.
This is another block that my original choice of fabric and colour didn't sit well on.
As you can see, these pieces lock the design together. I decided to hold off on making these until I was sure of my colour combination - so these will be the next section to make.

Chapter 4 - Sails.
Another Imposing feature!
These will loop their way around the outside of the Compass, locking the spokes in place.
The Foundation Paper Piecing method of making this quilt gives perfect points, and these blocks went together beautifully, with the exception of the last piece where the fabric could have been a little wider to comfortably accommodate the point of the sail.

Chapter 5 - Compass Rose.
The Central HUB of the Compass.
This beautiful star went together in a day!
The first pieces I can actually place together as they will be in the finished quilt.  I am very pleased with my choice of the exquisite marbled fabric from the Stonehenge Range from Northcott.

Looking forward to next month's installment.
In the meantime - I have enough scraps to 'stuff a cushion' with!
Some are just rubbish and some are very usable pieces - especially for applique.
So for now it will be trying to determine which is which!

12 June 2014

Today . . .

7:00 am - L Plates on and  hit the road.
8:20 am - Arrive at RFT (reason for trip), drop off DS#2
8:21 am - Decide where to go next...

9:36 am - 2nd Breakfast! 
Venue: Baked in Sorrento
Verdict: Best ever Vanilla Slice and Coffee from award winning Bakery.

11:00 am Sorrento Surf Beach

12:30 - Can't walk any further
No - really, this is the end of the line

the last stretch of sand on Port Phillip Bay. 
From here on it is just rocks until 


You get to the other side
but then you are not on the bay but Bass Strait

This is Point Nepean
Point Nepean has a fascinating history, 
from Quarantine Station to the drowning of a Prime Minister 

It was a lot of walking to get here.
We decided we had already walked off our Morning tea.

2:31 pm - A Mini Kitchen
Rye Victoria
How could we resist when the directions were
"It's new, I haven't been, 
but it's painted all White and with Yellow umbrellas out the front - 
It looks Pretty and it is always full."

Strong Coffee, Apple Crumble Pie and a Lime/Lavender Friand
Verdict:  When can we come back?
When can we do this again?

4:30 pm Home again.
What an awesome day

10 June 2014

Bali Wedding Star Update - Still at it

I can't credit that it has almost been THREE MONTHS since I posted an update on my Bali Wedding Star Quilt!

It hasn't been thrown into the "Too Hard Basket" and although I have been thoroughly distracted with other things I have been plodding along making 72 of these and 72 of those and 12 of each of this and that...
WITH an ample amount of reverse sewing thrown into the mix!

So, on Sunday, I finally reached the part where I had to start by vacuuming the floor - (wait for DD to go out for Dinner) and lay this box full of Jigsaw puzzle pieces out for the first time.

It really did help to enlist my DH for this part.
(Lets just say he has a 'gift' for colour placement which can be useful at times.)
We were able to arrange the blocks into a design that looks good - But now what?

I can't leave it on the floor until it is finished, DD has chosen not to peek and it is laid out where Spike loves to play!

The answer we came up with was to make a map!

I enlarged the block placement guide so we could write on it, and then printed out reference points to pin onto each block, before laying them in order back into the box.
(This one belongs in  Row 3, Block 2, Part A and B)

Now all I need to do is work out what colours to use for the central 'hub' of each ring set. Then I will be able to start sewing the blocks together.

There is still a long way to go with this quilt, so a few more progress posts to come!