10 June 2014

Bali Wedding Star Update - Still at it

I can't credit that it has almost been THREE MONTHS since I posted an update on my Bali Wedding Star Quilt!

It hasn't been thrown into the "Too Hard Basket" and although I have been thoroughly distracted with other things I have been plodding along making 72 of these and 72 of those and 12 of each of this and that...
WITH an ample amount of reverse sewing thrown into the mix!

So, on Sunday, I finally reached the part where I had to start by vacuuming the floor - (wait for DD to go out for Dinner) and lay this box full of Jigsaw puzzle pieces out for the first time.

It really did help to enlist my DH for this part.
(Lets just say he has a 'gift' for colour placement which can be useful at times.)
We were able to arrange the blocks into a design that looks good - But now what?

I can't leave it on the floor until it is finished, DD has chosen not to peek and it is laid out where Spike loves to play!

The answer we came up with was to make a map!

I enlarged the block placement guide so we could write on it, and then printed out reference points to pin onto each block, before laying them in order back into the box.
(This one belongs in  Row 3, Block 2, Part A and B)

Now all I need to do is work out what colours to use for the central 'hub' of each ring set. Then I will be able to start sewing the blocks together.

There is still a long way to go with this quilt, so a few more progress posts to come!


  1. It is looking fantastic, Wendy!

  2. Wow. This is a show stopper!

  3. WOWWHEE! That is going to look gorgeous once it's all finished! I look forward to seeing your next update in three months ;)

  4. OMG Wendy, this is gorgeous!