My Melbourne

........a Local's View of the
World's Most Liveable City. 
(3 years in a row!)
I hope to post new photos regularly - so call  in....
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Federation Square

Affectionately known as "Patchwork Plaza"

..........wonder why????

Yarra River Upstream towards Birrarung Marr 

...and Down
 with the Golden top of the Eureka Tower 
(Melbourne's Tallest Building) reflecting in the water

Yarra River
Looking towards Princes Bridge
at Dawn  (May 2011)

Melbourne Skyline
Across the Yarra towards
Flinders Street Railway Station

Royal Botanic Gardens
The Spire in the distance is
St. Paul's Cathedral

From On board the 
Spirit of Tasmania
(It's worth getting up early to watch the Sun rise over home when you have been away)


  1. Having lived in Melbourne all my life ...and for two years, '58/9 I worked in the city but I now could not take you to Birrarung Marr.
    Guess I had better Google it.

  2. Great post Wendy - Marvellous Melbourne - YES!!

  3. I am looking forward to seeing your Melbourne in April when I go to the AQC.

  4. I'll be visiting the City in 2018 and can't wait to see it again. We lived in the Eureka Tower in 2007. Can you recommend a quilt shop in the CBD? Thanks Joanne

    1. G'day Joanne:
      As you are a "No Reply Blogger" I am unable to personally reply to your Question so - I have Created a new PAGE on my Blog called 'Melbourne Fabric Fix' which has the addresses of some places of Interest for Visitors. Hope it helps!
      Cheers Wendy.

    2. Wendy thank you for your reply. I was able to check out your Melbourne Fabric Fix page and I printed the information for my trip. Too bad I will not be able to attend the quilt show in April, the show I was able to attend back in 2007 was wonderful. js