25 February 2017

A sad state of affairs ...

So what do Lincraft and Bunnings have in common?

They do not stock Tatting Shuttles!

You can however get them at 
Crochet Australia
Punch with Judy
Thimble Select
Morris and Sons

and I dare say THEY would know what one was!

I kid you not - I asked the young assistant at Lincraft today if they stocked Tatting Shuttles 
- she didn't know (not surprising) but rang 'upstairs'.
The reply was and I quote
"Sorry no - try Bunnings"

I could not help but remark "I am sorry, but that person is an idiot!"

*For my overseas readers - 

Bunnings is a chain of Hardware Stores - Got some great products and a pretty good Garden department, but nothing much for Quilters!

24 February 2017

Just a little side-track

I just LOVE Moroccan spices and when I got a newsletter from Jinny Beyer advising that her 2017 BOM is going to be called Moroccan Mystery - I just HAD to revisit my self imposed "Don't do anything new this year" ban and change it to "You can do it if you can shop from your stash".

First thing to do was to see what colourway I wanted - Moroccan Mystery just cried out for the Warm colours of the spices I love so much.

I was rather pleased to be able to "almost" get all the fabric from my stash - I only had to buy one fabric and that is because I didn't have enough of it and I only needed a meter. [We will talk about the border fabric later ;) ]

So here we are - Clue one
or rather Technique One
"Sewing a straight line"


Information on Jinny Beyer Moroccan Mystery BOM can be found at Jinny's Blog (click the link)

23 February 2017

More Allietare

There is nothing quite like an email from your Quilter asking if you have something for her, to give your lost Mojo a kick where it needs it!

So it's back to the floor -
place the blocks out

Type up some number sequences
in Excel and print out something that makes sense to me

Attach the numbered tags to each block

Pin the blocks together
- just so they don't stray...

...and start sewing!

It is half done.

I just need a bit more uninterrupted time to do the rest so let's hope that nothing ...

oh wait - too late!
maybe I can start again tomorrow.

16 February 2017

It's called a "Deadkitten"

I am glad I keep up with things, because when my DS#2 asked me at 11:00 last night if I could make him a Dead-kitten I did actually know what he wanted.
What's more - I had everything I needed.

So - If anyone is interested in how to make a Windsock for a Microphone - this is what I did!

Go raid your stash of Fur Fabric
- alternatively buy some from a craft or Fabric store.

Depending on the size of the microphone, you should only need a small amount.

When working with fur fabric - trim back the fur from the seam allowance.
This will give you a nice seam with no fur stuck between the stitches.

Create a 'hat' by sewing the back seam first, centre the seam and sew across the top.
You can line the windsock with the toe section of a stocking sock.
(I used a disposable from a shoe store)

Place some elastic around the bottom of the Kitten and push ends through the sock to the outside.
Turn over edge and stitch in place enclosing the elastic.

Turn right side out

place over microphone
adjust elastic to fit.

And there you have just saved yourself $30:00

Just one other thing for 'next time' ...

Make sure your fur fabric
Does not match the Cat!

He was a bit concerned!

3 February 2017

Allietare - Picking up the pieces

Thought for today -
There is NOTHING random about Randomness!

I have been tinkering away at Bonny Hunter's 2016 Mystery Quilt "Allietare" and I decided to place all the blocks out on the floor in readiness for the next stage.

There are a few issues that have 'jumped off the floor' at me.

1.  With only 4 assorted Golds and 4 Reds - my fabrics are not 'scrappy' enough which isn't giving me much wiggle room to give a 'random' look to the quilt.

2.  If I ever do another Bonny Hunter Quilt... I think I would use yardage and forget trying to do scrappy - when I am not actually a scrappy sort of person!

3.  If unsure of the placement of your blocks - get someone else to do it!

(Although I don't really recommend this method!!)

4.  Get yourself a DESIGN WALL -
I now have to pick it all up, label everything in order, so it is not around when the dinner guests arrive!   Or - start all over again another day...