23 February 2017

More Allietare

There is nothing quite like an email from your Quilter asking if you have something for her, to give your lost Mojo a kick where it needs it!

So it's back to the floor -
place the blocks out

Type up some number sequences
in Excel and print out something that makes sense to me

Attach the numbered tags to each block

Pin the blocks together
- just so they don't stray...

...and start sewing!

It is half done.

I just need a bit more uninterrupted time to do the rest so let's hope that nothing ...

oh wait - too late!
maybe I can start again tomorrow.


  1. I don't remember seeing much of this quilt last year, but clearly it has been in progress for a while! So how many PHDs, UFOs and THBs, etc are currently on your list? :D

  2. WOW Wendy it looks fabulous what a magnificent quilt top. Oh the hours of sitting at a sewing machine and cutting all those pieces???? to make this beauty. thanks for sharing Cheers Glenda