29 March 2011

Re-inventing the Wheel - or in this case circles!

I have been enjoying being a part of the Mystery BOM “My Heart’s Desire” by Esther Aliu.

The current discussion is on how to make a perfect ring for block 2 and 3.  It is interesting how we are all coming up with different methods to achieve the same result!  We have had many fantastic ideas and suggestions as to how to approach this – This is my discovery.

I have been using my bias makers (after buying a set, I may as well use them!) to make circles and vines for our new blocks.  I have tried several methods and have now hit on this combination of both freezer paper and bias maker.

Simply put, if you iron your bias onto the freezer paper shape as it is coming out of the tool – carefully and not too fast as to stretch the fabric, you will get beautiful curved lengths.

You can now press it with a light spray of fabric spray (we are using ‘Crisp’), or just leave it to set before carefully peeling off the freezer paper and sewing to your block.

It works for me!

Someone once said...."Strangers are just Friends we have not met yet".

I am Wendy, my main areas of interest are Quilting, Cake Decorating and Photography.

This is where I will share with friends and strangers the triumphs and tragedies of these crafts and those 'light bulb' moments that crafty people have from time to time.

These ideas or hints may not be 'original' as many people world-wide may come up with the same idea at the same time.  However, as I work on a project and come up with a simpler or easier way of doing a task and I would like to share it with you....This is my place to do that.

So, welcome to my blog.