15 January 2015

Bali Wedding Star.

I came to a point the other day where I found myself counting corners
one corner, two.. three .... four....
That's four corners done....

It's DONE - YAY!
my Top is finished!!

I did need a bit of a reshuffle in the sewing room to set up my extra awesome 
1800x 600 Ironing board and even then it was not big enough.

The box lid said the quilt was 80" x  80"
but what it didn't say was, that also in the box were the patterns and instructions to square up the quilt, 
add a Flying Geese border 
and another plain 6" mitred border.
So now how big is it?

106" x 106"

8 January 2015

Mahal Magic - and Cricket

As they say - If you don't like the weather in Melbourne, Just wait 5 minutes!
Yesterday we had it all - Hot, Wind, Thunder, Rain, Cold, more Heat, Humidity.

The weather being unsettled meant that I was unsettled - I needed to put my feet up but my hands wanted to DO something.
So I settled on the couch with a Quilt that I was part way through binding, reached for the remote and turned on the Cricket.

All of me was happy!

Australia was playing India in the Sydney Test match - and then I realised - spread out between me and the TV was ....  Mahal Magic from Leesa Chandler's Passage to India fabric range.

The Test Match will continue for another 2 days (If India lasts that long), but the Quilt is finally finished.

Here is a close up of the quilting -

The pattern is called "Joust" - an all over design quilted by Desley Maisano that just seemed to fit the Indian Theme of the Quilt.

1 January 2015

2014 - The Year in Review


Hottest day EVER!
With the temperature in the mid 40's all week - 
Just what you wanted for your DS#s Wedding 
in a Sandstone Country Church 
with no Air Conditioning.


Started the Wedding Quilt for DD (Married November '13)
Bali Wedding Star by Judy Niemeyer
Hoping to have it finished by their 1st Anniversary.


Questioning my Sanity!
Embarked on a Second Judy Niemeyer Quilt
This time for DS#2


Work started on the DD & D-SIL's Home
(while at our place, we renovated the 3rd Bedroom)


I attended the Cake Decorator's Association Conference, 
held at Rydges Preston.
2 1/2 Days of Demonstrations with Local and International Cake Artists.

* JUNE *

Victoria Quilters - Quilt Showcase 2014
I entered my Quilt "Heart's Desire" by Esther Aliu
and won a Highly Commended Ribbon
(I am still stunned!)


Was this month THAT busy I had no time to Blog
or so quiet I resorted to baking way too many cookies?
(12 trays? - what was I thinking???)


The House is finally finished!
DD, D-SIL and new Kitten Artemus Belle
Move out (of my place) and into theirs!


Arrrgghh 19th September - International Talk like a Pirate Day
and also my DD's 30th Birthday
Finally she gets her Pirate Themed Party


My first ever PAID Wedding Cake Order
for my D-DIL's Sister
a simple little cake that had to become much bigger 
thanks to the BIGGEST cake stand I have ever seen!


More Cake Decorating at the Whittlesea Show
I joined the team of talented ladies from the Association
Turning Lollipops into works of art for the Kids.


So much happened this month ...
The Bali Wedding Star Quilt is officially late
Mother fell and broke 2 ribs
I got a new dedicated Sewing room!

Maybe 2015 will be a little less hectic!

Thanks for looking in on my corner of the world
See you next year!