8 January 2015

Mahal Magic - and Cricket

As they say - If you don't like the weather in Melbourne, Just wait 5 minutes!
Yesterday we had it all - Hot, Wind, Thunder, Rain, Cold, more Heat, Humidity.

The weather being unsettled meant that I was unsettled - I needed to put my feet up but my hands wanted to DO something.
So I settled on the couch with a Quilt that I was part way through binding, reached for the remote and turned on the Cricket.

All of me was happy!

Australia was playing India in the Sydney Test match - and then I realised - spread out between me and the TV was ....  Mahal Magic from Leesa Chandler's Passage to India fabric range.

The Test Match will continue for another 2 days (If India lasts that long), but the Quilt is finally finished.

Here is a close up of the quilting -

The pattern is called "Joust" - an all over design quilted by Desley Maisano that just seemed to fit the Indian Theme of the Quilt.

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