29 January 2012

Nope - no quilting here today....

Thursday was Australia Day -
There were BBQs and Citizenship ceremonies, Awards and Flags and the Cricket - I could go on and on, but for us it was the opportunity to turn it into a long weekend and do some seriously needed..... R & R.

That is repair and renovation.....So Australia Day saw me at the hardware store enjoying Fairy-floss and bad coffee and getting a Sausage with the lot from the Rotary fund raisers outside, dropping the change into the SES tins as we went past whilst trying to juggle the required supplies for the great Wardrobe renovation!

The idea is to access the space that  is above the built in robe in DD's room.  This is a lot of space that can be used for storing those things you don't want to part with - just because you have grown up.

So we are opening up the wall, putting in a shelf rearranging the hanging rods and moving the Stuffed Toys into their new home.
It is not a quick process.  DH loves to do the demolition and I get to fix it.
My part is done - the plaster repair is lookin' good.
Now we wait ....watching plaster dry may be mildly more entertaining than watching paint dry but takes about the same length of time...

26 January 2012

Oh decisions, decisions....

What to do this week .....
I have Heart's Desire to get on with -
At least some progress is being made here albeit slowly....

and a new Challenge to start -

The Janome 6500 Challenge group's February project is to search out a Kit from the depths of our stash and.....actually make it! We have until March 10 so it is plenty of time to pull out a bigger project that has been waiting for a time.... or a reason....or a perfect excuse to make.

....and a Christmas Bag for my new Stocking Swap partner....
... Yes, it is that time of year again! Our Stocking Swap partners have been allocated for 2012 and I am looking forward to getting to know my new partner for this year.  I know one thing about her already - She's a Red Hat Lady!...  I think THIS is going to be fun!

19 January 2012

Have the cupboards Shrunk? .....

This week has not seen me anywhere near my sewing.

There are still things to be put back in cupboards that seem to have shrunk in size since before Christmas.  I am amazed that I could get these bowls in the cupboard before the Festivities but are unable to get them back after.... Maybe they have put on some extra around the waistline as well??

More likely, prior to Christmas these "Special Occasion" Platters and Bowls were in fact balanced precariously on top of each other, in an assortment which would not be out of place in a story by Dr Seuss! All held together by will power and the darkness at the back of the pantry.

Then there are the Mugs.

  DH is impossible to buy gifts for.   Other than doing The Age* Cryptic Crossword he has no hobbies, and I do not count being OCD about the pegs and how the wash is hung out as a hobby!

So the kids end up buying him Coffee Mugs.  I can see there is a bit of a theme going on here.  But then where do they go after they have been unwrapped?  Another perilous pile of China and Ceramic to balance in the ever shrinking cupboards......

*  Melbourne Newspaper -

11 January 2012

January Birthdays

The last two weeks have been taken up with finishing off a couple of UFOs for January birthdays.

Topsy-Turvy Rabbit - now aptly named "Bunny" was started many years ago when I made soft toys for a hobby.  The little girl I was making her for grew up, and away from such whimsy and so she lay,  not quite forgotten - until a new little girl appeared.
As it was to be a gift from my DD, she tried her hand at some sewing to make the TWO dresses required. She quickly learnt that making Dolls clothes was not "Child's Play".

A Topsy-Turvy Rabbit is a toy that has an "AWAKE" face and dress and when turned upside down reveals her "ASLEEP" face and night attire.

Little Miss Turning 5, had never seen such a toy before, and was not quite sure at first, but it did not take her long to work out that 'Bunny' should not be seen in her night clothes .... when it is still daylight!

The other UFO was started more recently and for a much older girl.  I took ONE look at this fabric (Thunder Flower by Alexander Henry) and just had to have some......... I know exactly who it will suit!  The problem was - how to use the fabric to it's full effect.

 A Laptop bag was the obvious choice for an up and coming IT student.  Inside it has 4 pockets and 2 key keepers and enough room for a 15" Laptop. It also gave me the opportunity to try out the buttonhole feature on my Janome 6500 - which I am pretty pleased with!

Would I make another? ....No I don't think so.
                             This bag is Unique - just like it's new owner.

5 January 2012

Is it the Final Chapter......

......... or a New Beginning?

Those readers who have followed the Story of 'Shelob' and her Web.
As told on my page called "A Beautiful Creature"  Might just like to have a look over there today.
The final Illustrated Chapter of our story has been written.

For others, who haven't wandered past this main page, it is the story of what unfolded outside my sewing room window late last Summer and it's conclusion today.