29 May 2013

Making things safe ...

This week's WIP is one that is long overdue.
Another lifetime ago, when my Dad was a lot younger he laid concrete paths around our home.
In the passage of time these paths have been lifted and broken by neighbouring trees.
So the paths are no longer safe for unsteady feet.

Today, DH and I started on making a new ramp and once that is done, we will work towards making the paths safe.

It has only taken 10 years (to convince them to let us do it) and 3 days to DO IT!

25 May 2013

Skaterday - M

M - is today's letter and the Categories are .....
SPORT - March 2006
Melbourne Commonwealth Games held many events - we went on the day that they ran the Marathon to cheer on ... well anyone that ran past us actually (especially the Aussies).

FOREIGN  - January 2010 my DS#1 took off on a tour of the Middle East with his Church while he was in Syria he visited the ruins of Masyaf Castle, (much to the envy of his brother who was, at the time playing the Computer Game Assassin's Creed which was set in this very Castle).

Port Lincoln National Park early December 2008, DD on L Plates. She learnt the value of quick reflexes and good brakes when she rounded a bend to find this Majestic Lace Monitor Lizard asleep in the middle of the road.
(He doesn't look so big in this photo - but was at least 5 foot long!)

I think Diamond Dust by Phillipa Naylor (Contemporary 1st place Festival of Quilts UK 2004.) Looks modern to me!
I photographed it at the AQC in Melbourne April 2012
(It depicts an Amish Quilt that is blowing in the wind on a line, it has been raining and the raindrops are sparkling in the sunshine).
This photo is a close up of the myriad of miniscule sequins that adorn this quilt.
(and some pretty awesome quilting too!)

Well that's it from me this week - come back again next time to see what I can find for the letter X ! 

22 May 2013

New Tripod - No Bag

Apparently, there are as many different styles and choices for Tripod Bags as there are Tripods to put in them, and my new lightweight Manfrotto did not come with one, (I was informed it is an optional extra), so I set about making my own.

How to make a Carry Bag for a Small Camera Tripod or Music Stand.

First off it really helped that I had a bag from another tripod, that the Manfrotto fitted in so I was able to take measurements from that.

The next helpful thing was, that DH had a Promotional Document Wallet - the kind they give out at conventions that you never know what to do with once you get home.

This wallet was particularly suitable with a good quality zip.
All I had to do was unpick the stitching.

Which included trying to unpick as much of the logo that was necessary - no need to unpick it all.

Cut out the pieces incorporating any of the features that may be useful.

In this case I have used the zip and the clear nameplate window.

All that was left was to sew it up using the sample as a reference. (Sorry, I got so engrossed with the construction that I forgot to take photos of this stage.)

Attach an adjustable strap from an old computer bag.

Then add a couple of Iron On Souvenir patches - to personalise it  - and there you have it ....

one new Tripod

and one new Tripod Case.

All ready for an adventure! ......

16 May 2013

Happy Anniversary

That makes 32 !

I just love being taken out for a special occasion and have the Restaurant do something nice and unexpected like this.   

11 May 2013

Scatterday - V

Ah ! V - Can stand for so many things...

I find myself humming the words to
"Sweet Violet, sweeter than all the Roses"

But today's categories do not include flowers.
So what categories DO we have to Vex us today?

COLOUR - I have already mentioned Violets and when I make Violets I need the right Colour for the petals.
I also need to use various shades of Green for the Verdant foliage, which comes with fancy names like Vert Genevrier and Verde Hoja (Juniper Green and Leaf Green).

WEATHER - Now I did have to verify my recollection about this weather phenomenon. Virga Clouds -
Photographer Ray Boren captured this amazing view of virga clouds above Great Salt Lake, in Utah. These clouds are amazing because precipitation falling from them does not reach the ground, but rather evaporates in mid-air.

POINTY - Nothing could be more 'pointy' than Vampire Teeth!
This photo comes from school projects long ago when DS#2 made his first Movie - the horrible tale of the Villainous Vampire Book Wyrm.

Yes - just when you thought it was safe to go back into the Library.......

VIBRANT QUILT - Last week's Quilty post showed my Library Quilt - the finished top AFTER I found a more suitable blue background - this week I will show you the Vibrant alternative I started with - the VERY wrong VERY orange fabric.

(for the full story see my post Cat in the Hat Rescues Quilt )

Next Scatterday's post will be brought to you by the Letter M. 

9 May 2013

Quilting with a CAT

The moment you say "This Quilt is a Gift" is the moment that things start going wrong. - 

Problem No 1.
I like this fabric, It has Fish
- I like fish, 
therefore it is mine.

Problem No 2.
What do you mean it's for someone else?
I know... I'll eat the pattern then she can't make it!

Problem No 3.
I REALLY need a design wall....

Problem No 4, 5, 6, 7 & 8
These I have no photos for as it was too traumatic... sufficient to say it involved a LOT of Spray Basting, Pin Basting, Quilting, Un -Quilting, repinning and ... you get the idea.

I have lost count of how many times it has been picked up smoothed out stared at only to be quickly shoved back into the bag (I DID mention it was a gift).

I am happy to say it is FINALLY on the machine and I am happy with the way the quilting is going.  It is going to take some time especially with the addition of the Sashiko feature in the small diamonds, and as long as I can keep Spike away from it ... 

She may get it for her NEXT birthday!

5 May 2013

Cake Decorating MAGNOLIA Workshop

Saturday's workshop was to make a Magnolia bloom and bud. I can't take the credit for this one as it was made by our talented demonstrator Lynne.

The small group of ladies that gathered at the Library community room were treated to an informative workshop and a lovely afternoon tea....   My family thinks I go there for the lessons ;-)

I was fairly pleased as to how well my flower turned out, and it didn't matter that we were not able to make any leaves as Magnolias usually bloom before the leaves set bud anyway!
We had a fun discussion about how in nature not all flowers were perfect so it didn't really matter how our blooms turned out.
I think though ... next time I would add more petals - as my flower turned out to be a completely different variety than the demonstrators!

3 May 2013

Graduation -

Monash University 2nd May 2013
Bachelor of Information Technology and Systems

DS#2 with his lovely GF 
(who graduated DUX - she's pretty pleased about that).

After the ceremony 
Big Sister made sure he was perfectly presented for his photos.  

DS#2 stated "At least I graduated in a decent colour ..... Circuit Board Green!"