11 May 2013

Scatterday - V

Ah ! V - Can stand for so many things...

I find myself humming the words to
"Sweet Violet, sweeter than all the Roses"

But today's categories do not include flowers.
So what categories DO we have to Vex us today?

COLOUR - I have already mentioned Violets and when I make Violets I need the right Colour for the petals.
I also need to use various shades of Green for the Verdant foliage, which comes with fancy names like Vert Genevrier and Verde Hoja (Juniper Green and Leaf Green).

WEATHER - Now I did have to verify my recollection about this weather phenomenon. Virga Clouds -
Photographer Ray Boren captured this amazing view of virga clouds above Great Salt Lake, in Utah. These clouds are amazing because precipitation falling from them does not reach the ground, but rather evaporates in mid-air.

POINTY - Nothing could be more 'pointy' than Vampire Teeth!
This photo comes from school projects long ago when DS#2 made his first Movie - the horrible tale of the Villainous Vampire Book Wyrm.

Yes - just when you thought it was safe to go back into the Library.......

VIBRANT QUILT - Last week's Quilty post showed my Library Quilt - the finished top AFTER I found a more suitable blue background - this week I will show you the Vibrant alternative I started with - the VERY wrong VERY orange fabric.

(for the full story see my post Cat in the Hat Rescues Quilt )

Next Scatterday's post will be brought to you by the Letter M. 


  1. I have learnt quite a few new words from your post. Excellent. And I love the orange in the quilt, did you use it.

  2. I've learnt something new too, never heard of virga clouds before.
    However, unlike the earlier comment, orange is not one of my favourite colours at all. In saying that, my V post features a black and orange quilt. Go figure!

  3. Virga is new to me, too. Thank you, I like to learn new words!

  4. Make that 4! I really like the orange .... It seems to lift everything somehow....and the name is spot on. Your icing work remind me of my mother and her many tins of wonderful colours shades and shapes. The vampire teeth thou must be THE best this week. Thanks for sharing.

  5. Ah, Virga! I learned about this phenomenon when I lived in Calgary, where it is the bane of farmers. It's very frustrating when you are in need of precipitation on the Canadian Prairies to see rain falling on your neighbour's farm, but not yours, or to see Virga falling - but not reaching your property. One of my favourite words (which I conveniently forgot for this challenge!) Very difficult to take a picture of it, too.

  6. I have been so unbelievably snowed under for the past month that I didn't even manage to check any of last Scatterday's posts but had to go back and compare the quilts. Must agree this week's colour choice is definitely better...great quilt