20 September 2016

Welcome to Spring ...

It is on days like today I wish that I had my new camera with me ...

 Breakfast at Grandma's.

It just makes my heart sing!

* * * * * 

Australian Magpies are fiercely territorial and have VERY long memories - they have been known to attack (even years later) if you have 'ticked them off' at any time - especially when nesting.  
However, should you take the time and get to know them, they will reward you with their presence and beautiful carolling song.

12 September 2016

Unravelling a 10 year mystery...

As UFOs go - I do not have a lot of the Quilted variety.

I have only been quilting for around 11 years and (to keep DH happy) - I try and finish them.
Before that I did a lot of 'tinkering' with other crafts - I made toys and lingerie and tried my hand at embroidery, needlepoint, latch-pull, house and garden renovation and... I knitted.

On the 5th August 2005 I began knitting an Aaron style cardigan.
(I had made one once before and finished it in 2 months.)

It must have been picked up and put away sporadically over the next couple of years when, somewhere in 2009,  I suspect the dreaded "Muuuuummmmmm!" must have stopped me in my tracks -
Why else would I have put my knitting down with only 15 stitches to finish a row?

For the past 2 weeks I have been ill (thanks for sharing DS & DH), and have once again picked up my knitting basket, as it meant I could potter without getting up too much.
Yesterday I found my cardigan - which of course will no longer fit me (a win for DD) - and taking the afternoon to work out where I was... picked up and finished the back.

11 years after I cast those first stitches on - because I had the wool - I have decided it is time to finish this UFO!