24 April 2014

Where Hobbies Collide - - -

Not Quilting  - although Patches were being made, and Mitre joins cut
Not Cake Decorating - yet Icing Skills were required
No - This time it is RENOVATING!

This long Easter Holiday was the time that we had set aside to renovate DS#1s bedroom.  Simple really, a little paint here and there, a new light fitting and curtains?

So where exactly did the hobbies collide?


Hanging Cornice over the old boring plain cove that has adorned the top of the wall for the past 24 years.

I actually like hanging Cornice although it is a 'pain in the neck' to do.
(My Physiotherapist is going to have STERN words with me when she finds out.)

But this time I had help -
after all .... It IS his room we are renovating!

And he does need to learn Exactly what is involved.

So we measured twice and Cut once and hoped that it would fit.

Cornice Cement was mixed and quickly "buttered" on to the back of the new Cornice.

So - Where does the Hobbies Colliding bit come in?

I have often stated that if there is a tool for the Job - use it ...
But if there isn't one?
Then the best thing to do is - IMPROVISE!

Yes folks
I am using an Icing Bag  to pipe Cornice Cement into the gaps!

Actually - it worked REALLY well and saved a lot of time and mess.

Now I think it is on to the 'fun part' - Painting!
Stay Tuned for the big "reveal" Next week

20 April 2014

Easter Sunday

God sent HIS Son - They called him Jesus
He came to love, heal and forgive
He lived and died to buy my pardon
An empty grave is there to prove 
My Saviour Lives.

Because He lives - I can face tomorrow
Because He lives - all fear is gone
Because I Know - He holds the future
and Life is worth the living -
Just because HE LIVES!

In all the Festivities, Chocolate and Family get togethers -
Let us not forget the reason for the "HOLY-Day"

Because He Lives
by Gloria & William Gaither

6 April 2014

Another WORK that is IN PROGRESS - - -

Time to let you in on a little something that has been happening "Behind the Scenes" around our place.
As most readers will be aware we had a couple of weddings a few months ago - and with Weddings also comes the inevitable moving out of home and setting up house of your own.

DD hasn't actually moved out yet as just before the wedding they bought a Block of Land.

I thought it was somewhat significant that the first flower to bloom in her future garden was a Scotch Thistle!

A reminder to her of her Scottish heritage.

Not a lot has been happening and multiple photographs of an empty patch of dirt is not exciting at all - but that all changed this week when we got word that work was starting.

Last Wednesday we were told the slab had been laid and by the time we got there on Saturday morning ....

Half the house had been built!

It is only a small house but it is on a large triangular block

Which means they have a HUGE garden to plan 
both on the side - - 

and out the back

WOW - what a lot of work they (we) have ahead.
Planning a garden from scratch!!