23 August 2012

WOW.. it seems like I've had a busy week

A lot certainly has happened since my last WOW post.

- I put the borders on the I Spy yesterday.... as it is a gift, I'll post photos of the finished quilt after it has been given.
- I have made a new quilt top....

...... this one is Leesa Chandler's 'Southern Jewels' pattern. However, I have used some fantastic 'Stained Glass Dragonfly' fabric that I found at my LQS - Patchworks Unlimited in Pascoe Vale.
Hopefully the quilt will look like a stained glass window when it is finished,  I think it needs a border of rectangular colour 'chips' to set it into a window and then it will need a frame to finish it off.
Time to start thinking of an appropriate border.

- The Cat has continued to shred my sketch book....

And I spent 2 days making cupcakes that disappeared in 2 minutes (see Monday's post).
Spike, aka Quilters Cat in Training came from the RSPCA so it was worth it to support their work.

I wonder what next week will be like?

19 August 2012

Baking Cupcakes

Thought I'd just have a quick post to show off what I have been doing today!
My DH's work is having a fundraiser morning tea tomorrow for the RSPCA and this is my contribution! (Well, I made a dozen to send and of course the  mandatory samples... Just to make sure they were OK)

The cupcakes are Lemon and Sour Cream with Morello Cherries folded through.  I made the meringue Toadstools and baked them yesterday. The little ladybirds are made from red Choc Drops (a new product in the confectionery isle) and a little food dye.  The cupcake cases have animal prints - so it is "Animals in the Forest"!
I hope they like them and raise lots for the RSPCA.

15 August 2012

The Tailor of Gloucester...

is said to be Beatrix Potter's own favourite .  It is the story of an old tailor who sets to work on a magnificent coat for the Mayor of Gloucester's wedding. When the tailor falls ill and unable to finish the coat in time - it is mysteriously completed by secret helpers who leave only one clue to their identity - a tiny note pinned to one unfinished buttonhole saying "No more twist".

 On Saturday I felt very much like the tailor - working against the clock, I started cutting out a waistcoat for DS#2 to wear to a dress up event that night....and at 6pm I put it down and said ---"I can't do it".
There was plenty of encouragement from the assembled group - but no small mice with a talent for needlework - the waistcoat was not finished in time and he had to wear something else.

Sunday, I sat down and finished the waistcoat to the point of just needing to  make the buttonholes, but of course, buttonholes need buttons before you can make them.  I had plenty of twist - but no buttons!
Yesterday I found some that will look quite the part and all that needs to be done is 5 buttonholes made with golden thread.

Footnote:  Matilda here is a bit more shapely than DS#2 and the waistcoat doesn't look too bad on her, but it did need quite a bit of adjustment to tailor it to fit.  IF I had any ideas of making a new pattern that would fit my Son, leaving the original intact for other members of the family to use.......

Paper? ..... What Paper?

I think I may need to get some more paper......

14 August 2012

We do not look for reward....

An email, to let us know that the care parcels we send to our "Aussie Heroes" overseas have arrived, is basically all we ask.

... so you can imagine how absolutely thrilled (and humbled) I was, when I opened the mail yesterday to find...

A lovely handwritten postcard all the way from Afghanistan.  I just loved the 'correction' to the flags down on the bottom left hand corner.  You may not be able to notice it in the photo - the Stars & Stripes have been replaced by our own Aussie Flag!

And in the parcel were a couple of little gifts to say Thank you.  

I will treasure this.
("It's  goin' straight to the Pool Room!")  *

*Quote from the 1997 Aussie Movie - "The Castle"

9 August 2012

Yesterday started peacefully enough....

I started yesterday with the intent to finish the I Spy Quilt I have been working on, and I did FINALLY get all the blocks together - no thanks to the 'help' I was receiving from a certain Quilters Cat in Training.
I REALLY need a design wall!
Then the phone rang.....
With that phone call, I just had to down tools and hit the road.  It was a truly horrible day and one that I would not choose to be out in.  But when dinner plans for 10 change from "We'll book a Restaurant"  to  "Let's do this at home instead!" - You do what you have to do.

All that was left.......
Fortunately we have a REALLY nice Chinese Takeaway nearby who were more than happy to make us a Banquet to go.

And with a bit of help from my Mum, we emptied the sitting room, lit the fire ('cos it was 10 deg C here yesterday) and turned the room into Private Dining, and pretended to be at a posh restaurant!

All up the evening was a success and although I didn't have time to make the cake I wanted to, the boys thought the store bought Icecream cake was just awesome.... 'cause we have never had an Icecream Birthday Cake before!!!

And as for me?
Well...... I'm not planning on doing much more than this for the rest of the day!

I think it may be time for another cuppa........

3 August 2012

I think I Busted my Budget.....

Well the shop IS called "Darn Cheap"!

I got a rather excited visit from my Mum yesterday afternoon to let me know that she had just been down to Darn Cheap in Heidelberg and discovered that they had just put out their remaining stock of "Michelle's Backyard" fabric (by Michelle Marvig for Charles Parsons) into their cheap bin.

For those of you who are local to Melbourne and know the store - that's right... it's in the $4:00 per meter bin.
Well, there's a lot less of it now... at that price I bought enough to make some very nice Aussie Hero Quilts.
But DH is going to have to shout me my next coffee!

It is finds like this that gives you the enthusiasm to make another quilt for someone you don't know, and then out of the blue you get.........

"I came into work today and was surprised when I saw a package on my desk. When I opened the package I was even more surprised when I saw that it was the Aussie Hero quilt, laundry bag, beanie and also some goodies. There was also a letter .....
I would just like to extend my greatest thanks for the package and not only the quilt, laundry bag and goodies but also the letter. I will really cherish this.
It really made my day.

Thanking you again from the bottom of my heart."

And then it is all worth while!   :-)