23 August 2012

WOW.. it seems like I've had a busy week

A lot certainly has happened since my last WOW post.

- I put the borders on the I Spy yesterday.... as it is a gift, I'll post photos of the finished quilt after it has been given.
- I have made a new quilt top....

...... this one is Leesa Chandler's 'Southern Jewels' pattern. However, I have used some fantastic 'Stained Glass Dragonfly' fabric that I found at my LQS - Patchworks Unlimited in Pascoe Vale.
Hopefully the quilt will look like a stained glass window when it is finished,  I think it needs a border of rectangular colour 'chips' to set it into a window and then it will need a frame to finish it off.
Time to start thinking of an appropriate border.

- The Cat has continued to shred my sketch book....

And I spent 2 days making cupcakes that disappeared in 2 minutes (see Monday's post).
Spike, aka Quilters Cat in Training came from the RSPCA so it was worth it to support their work.

I wonder what next week will be like?


  1. i think your quilt looks very stained glassish :) it will be lovely with the border and frame.
    The Cat is very beautiful!

  2. Very nice quilt pattern, I always love the stained glass effect.

  3. I love whatyou have shown of Spike, don't have a cat at present but - LOL - you pay the freight and quarrantine costs, I'll have him.
    Those from RSPCA seem to have so much love to give.
    Kelly would terrorise him which is why we don't have a cat, Steve is the dog person, I am the cat person, but I could never part with Kelly now to have a cat again. My time will come!!!
    Your Southern Jewels is looking great, I have added Leesa's site to my favorites as one day, think I will go there.
    I do hope this posts.
    Cheers, Jenny

  4. Love your quilt! I'm glad I'm not the only on who has a terror for a cat!! I tried to cut material yesterday and nearly took the cats tail off He jumped up right as I was moving my arm forward cutting just so he could steal the material!! Cats yo got to love em!!!

  5. Yes I love this effect too, the fabrics really make it stand out beautifully, it looks like light streaming through a garden.

  6. You have chosen a great quilt pattern to show off the brilliant colors of the fabrics. I have never dared a pattern with set in seams - does the stain-glass sashing make them any easier?