19 August 2012

Baking Cupcakes

Thought I'd just have a quick post to show off what I have been doing today!
My DH's work is having a fundraiser morning tea tomorrow for the RSPCA and this is my contribution! (Well, I made a dozen to send and of course the  mandatory samples... Just to make sure they were OK)

The cupcakes are Lemon and Sour Cream with Morello Cherries folded through.  I made the meringue Toadstools and baked them yesterday. The little ladybirds are made from red Choc Drops (a new product in the confectionery isle) and a little food dye.  The cupcake cases have animal prints - so it is "Animals in the Forest"!
I hope they like them and raise lots for the RSPCA.


  1. They look yummy and very artistic.

  2. Wonderful cupcakes! Your meringue toadstools are adorable!