15 August 2012

The Tailor of Gloucester...

is said to be Beatrix Potter's own favourite .  It is the story of an old tailor who sets to work on a magnificent coat for the Mayor of Gloucester's wedding. When the tailor falls ill and unable to finish the coat in time - it is mysteriously completed by secret helpers who leave only one clue to their identity - a tiny note pinned to one unfinished buttonhole saying "No more twist".

 On Saturday I felt very much like the tailor - working against the clock, I started cutting out a waistcoat for DS#2 to wear to a dress up event that night....and at 6pm I put it down and said ---"I can't do it".
There was plenty of encouragement from the assembled group - but no small mice with a talent for needlework - the waistcoat was not finished in time and he had to wear something else.

Sunday, I sat down and finished the waistcoat to the point of just needing to  make the buttonholes, but of course, buttonholes need buttons before you can make them.  I had plenty of twist - but no buttons!
Yesterday I found some that will look quite the part and all that needs to be done is 5 buttonholes made with golden thread.

Footnote:  Matilda here is a bit more shapely than DS#2 and the waistcoat doesn't look too bad on her, but it did need quite a bit of adjustment to tailor it to fit.  IF I had any ideas of making a new pattern that would fit my Son, leaving the original intact for other members of the family to use.......

Paper? ..... What Paper?

I think I may need to get some more paper......


  1. Looks nice! I never could make clothes don't have the patience for it!!

  2. Well there are always days like that. I do think you did a fabulous job, but more time would have helped.
    Hugs Bunny

  3. I think it looks great. I don't like making garments anymore and certainly not under pressure!

  4. I love the fabric!