9 August 2012

Yesterday started peacefully enough....

I started yesterday with the intent to finish the I Spy Quilt I have been working on, and I did FINALLY get all the blocks together - no thanks to the 'help' I was receiving from a certain Quilters Cat in Training.
I REALLY need a design wall!
Then the phone rang.....
With that phone call, I just had to down tools and hit the road.  It was a truly horrible day and one that I would not choose to be out in.  But when dinner plans for 10 change from "We'll book a Restaurant"  to  "Let's do this at home instead!" - You do what you have to do.

All that was left.......
Fortunately we have a REALLY nice Chinese Takeaway nearby who were more than happy to make us a Banquet to go.

And with a bit of help from my Mum, we emptied the sitting room, lit the fire ('cos it was 10 deg C here yesterday) and turned the room into Private Dining, and pretended to be at a posh restaurant!

All up the evening was a success and although I didn't have time to make the cake I wanted to, the boys thought the store bought Icecream cake was just awesome.... 'cause we have never had an Icecream Birthday Cake before!!!

And as for me?
Well...... I'm not planning on doing much more than this for the rest of the day!

I think it may be time for another cuppa........


  1. Glad you had a good time! It's nice to have everyone over sometimes it seems cozier and you end up with great memories! Hope you enjoyed your feet up time.

  2. I'm sensing "Another miracle pulled off by Mum!" scenario here... ;)

    I think that last photo is my favourite!