27 May 2011

Block 3 - Love Entwined


Or should I say, One down 2 to go.

This block is the companion to Sing Me a Song and together with 2 more, will eventually rotate around the first central block.

It has taken longer than expected as I have had other sewing to do this month.  However, the next two instalments should not take as long as the bulk of the work has been already done.

Making the elements in a 'production line' means that I now have everything ready to 'blitz' the next two!  I really need to get them done as Block 4 has been released and there are FOUR of them PLUS sashing borders.

25 May 2011

WOW:- Work in Progress On Wednesdays

Here goes - I'm in (I hope).

Esther has invited us to join her maybe for a cuppa and a chat on Wednesdays where we can all drop in on each other - kinda like an "Open House" I suppose.  Just to catch up with each other and find out what is going on in our lives away from THAT project.......

What do we have on - what is our WIP for today?

I think my WOW post this week is to get this blog up and running. I have been flying under the radar while it has been under construction.  I can't seem to work out how to put up those neat buttons that link back to other blogs and Yahoo Groups onto my side-bar.  Everything I try I just get "Sorry this link is broken" which is very frustrating.  And I will be putting up my own photograph as a wallpaper later on.

I came back to tinker with it the other day and was surprised to find my very first "follower" (My son prefers to refer to them as "Official Stalkers").  I was surprised, as I had not told anyone that I was making a Blog.

So everyone - Welcome to my world!

PS:  Oh NO! I have just remembered that Tomorrow is Thursday....
I promised to make something for DH's office "BIGGEST MORNING TEA" for tomorrow - looks like no quilting will be done today!