31 May 2015

What a HOOT ...

Cake decorating is not ALL about flowers - 
which are time consuming, precise, intricate and ultimately extremely fragile.

Sometimes we get to unleash our inner child. 
Revisit a time when we used plasticine and playdough.

Turn those skills to sugarcraft
and make Cake Toppers!

Yesterday's workshop was fun.

29 May 2015

GJs Fabric - Fairfield

Yes, that's right Fairfield - not Brunswick!

I met Georgina when she had her first tiny shop outside Barclay Square Shopping Centre when Quilt fabric was barely heard of and she used to ring me when the new fabrics arrived.

 I have seen her move down the street to Sydney Road and then again to Lygon Street Brunswick where the shop grew and took over all 3 floors of the building which was across the road from the best Nando's in town and a little Greek Restaurant called "Hellenic Republic".*

And now they have moved again -
This time to Fairfield.
Alas there is no tramline outside, and I am yet to discover any good Coffee in the area, but the neighbours are some of Melbourne's best factory outlets you can visit.

Once you turn in to Steane Street it is hard to miss this newly built showroom with onsite parking.

Don't be dismayed by the small display of dance fabric in the reception area - Once you venture past the rolls of batting and through the doorway you will be in awe of  "The Great Wall of Fabric".
4 shelves high and the full length of the factory floor and then you can meander back to the cutting counter through freestanding shelves packed with specialist ranges like Kaffe Fassett, Amy Butler and French General.

I wish Georgina and her team all the best in their new premises and look forward to hearing of special events and classes in the upstairs studio.

GJs - 31 Steane Street Fairfield 3078
just off Darebin Road
Phone: 03 94825528

[*Hellenic Republic is owned by Masterchef  Australia Judge George Calombaris.]

21 May 2015


Over the past two months my Challenge group has been working on their UFO pile and I have taken the opportunity/excuse to get some unfinished projects off the chair.

I have been very pleased to finish the two Quiltworx Foundation Paper Pieced quilts
and so for something ENTIRELY different - I have picked up a longstanding UFO. Jinny Beyer's Crystal Star which is (you guessed it) Foundation Paper Pieced!

This is where I was in 2012 - as you can see - not very far indeed.

I pulled it out again in February 2014 and did a couple of sections....

It is not as big as a Quiltworx quilt but being a colour wheel it has a certain degree of difficulty as every 2nd section is stitched in reverse order!

It wasn't until after I had sewed the fabric in the wrong order, I realised that I should have been using my Colour Pallet (after all I did have one as a reference).

I happily went on sewing folding pressing  and cutting.

I sewed the fabric Back to Front,
on the wrong side of the paper,
in the wrong order,
had the fabric move giving an uneven seam - or no seam at all

folded over itself (did that twice on the same piece of fabric),
managed somehow to sew the flower head of a pin to the block -
then... I cut the seam allowance off when I was trimming to size.


Thought for the day - If you are thinking about something else while quilting
then come back to the project 
- especially if you only have 1 x 2" x 7" rectangle of each colour!

ON the upside - I got to play with my new toy - well it DOES look like it but I can assure you this little Steam Iron is no toy! 
It is the best thing I have bought all year - so light and perfect for those small block pressing jobs.

And the Wall Hanging?  

It's almost finished - a bit more together than this photo shows and waiting for a different border fabric.

And this is the problem with leaving a project for so long. 
Your tastes (and paintwork) can often change so fabric choices sometimes also need to change.

12 May 2015

A new project - another Wedding Quilt.

Here I was thinking that I was finished with Wedding Quilts for a while when ...
the Postman arrived.

I have been waiting for this parcel for so long!

..well ever since I discovered it was in production while researching
"Tiles from the Ottoman Empire"
for my DS#1 and his lovely Bride.

This style of Quilt was their request for their Wedding Gift.

The book not only has instructions and full size patterns for the style of Quilt I needed,
but also invaluable and clear tips for making the quilts.

I can't wait to get started ..
And Thank you Tamsin for a beautiful publication.

I will very much "Enjoy"

* * * * * * *

Constantinople Quilts 
by Tamsin Harvey

available direct from the Author at Berrima Patchwork
and other book shops

7 May 2015

Bali Wedding Star - The End

... or just the beginning?

Recently I had the pleasure of presenting my DD and her DH with their Wedding Gift.

DD doesn't read my Blog and so these photos are the first time she has seen her Quilt!

So here it is - our first look after waiting so patiently for so long....

But what exactly has taken their interest?

It would appear that Artemis has raised the bar from plain Quilters Cat in waiting to Quilt Police!

I can tell you this -
She is on a Wild Goose Chase!

Hey Mum.....

Is this when we start to sing "Toss the Cat" ?

Maybe the Quilting needs a closer look ....

Nope - 's all Good
It has passed MY inspection

You can put it on the bed now....

I am so glad that THE CAT approved!

(for the record - DD & DSIL loved it too)

And I get to finally see it on their bed.

(My thanks to Fi for taking the photos so I could enjoy the moment - without being behind the camera.)

6 May 2015

Esther's Oma

In a previous post I shared that I am currently 'brushing up' on my Appliqué skills by making Esther Aliu's latest BOM - Oma's Blues.

I haven't stuck exactly to the original pattern.
The most noticeable difference is my Quilt is not traditional Delft Blue and White.

Instead I am using the warmer pallet which include Greens, Orange, Red, Yellow and of course Blue and White.

The next section of Esther's quilt calls for a series of borders and appliquéd dishes in traditional Dutch Style, however for my quilt, I have chosen to showcase as much of Leesa Chandler's Dutch Cottage fabric as possible.

I have used two different sections of the same striped print for borders two and three and the small tiles from the feature panel in the Spice colour-way instead of making appliqué dishes.

My next challenge will be to incorporate these beautiful 9" feature plates into the design, without upsetting the balance of the Quilt.

* * * * *

Oma's Blues is a free BOM from Esther Aliu.