21 May 2015


Over the past two months my Challenge group has been working on their UFO pile and I have taken the opportunity/excuse to get some unfinished projects off the chair.

I have been very pleased to finish the two Quiltworx Foundation Paper Pieced quilts
and so for something ENTIRELY different - I have picked up a longstanding UFO. Jinny Beyer's Crystal Star which is (you guessed it) Foundation Paper Pieced!

This is where I was in 2012 - as you can see - not very far indeed.

I pulled it out again in February 2014 and did a couple of sections....

It is not as big as a Quiltworx quilt but being a colour wheel it has a certain degree of difficulty as every 2nd section is stitched in reverse order!

It wasn't until after I had sewed the fabric in the wrong order, I realised that I should have been using my Colour Pallet (after all I did have one as a reference).

I happily went on sewing folding pressing  and cutting.

I sewed the fabric Back to Front,
on the wrong side of the paper,
in the wrong order,
had the fabric move giving an uneven seam - or no seam at all

folded over itself (did that twice on the same piece of fabric),
managed somehow to sew the flower head of a pin to the block -
then... I cut the seam allowance off when I was trimming to size.


Thought for the day - If you are thinking about something else while quilting
then come back to the project 
- especially if you only have 1 x 2" x 7" rectangle of each colour!

ON the upside - I got to play with my new toy - well it DOES look like it but I can assure you this little Steam Iron is no toy! 
It is the best thing I have bought all year - so light and perfect for those small block pressing jobs.

And the Wall Hanging?  

It's almost finished - a bit more together than this photo shows and waiting for a different border fabric.

And this is the problem with leaving a project for so long. 
Your tastes (and paintwork) can often change so fabric choices sometimes also need to change.


  1. I love those colours. I'm looking forward to seeing this finished someday ;)

  2. WOW Wendy it looks stunning. I could almost feel your frustration from here LOL. So glad you had enough fabric to correct your mistakes though. I still have a Bargello quilt not finished!!!! first patchwork bed quilt I tried to made; what a night mare they were all cut 1" strips LOL ????? Hugs Glenda