12 May 2015

A new project - another Wedding Quilt.

Here I was thinking that I was finished with Wedding Quilts for a while when ...
the Postman arrived.

I have been waiting for this parcel for so long!

..well ever since I discovered it was in production while researching
"Tiles from the Ottoman Empire"
for my DS#1 and his lovely Bride.

This style of Quilt was their request for their Wedding Gift.

The book not only has instructions and full size patterns for the style of Quilt I needed,
but also invaluable and clear tips for making the quilts.

I can't wait to get started ..
And Thank you Tamsin for a beautiful publication.

I will very much "Enjoy"

* * * * * * *

Constantinople Quilts 
by Tamsin Harvey

available direct from the Author at Berrima Patchwork
and other book shops

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